Rebecca’s Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

(Limited Edition): This video is a bit controversial for me. And for that reason, I am only making this available on my site for a short time, but thought it would help answer a lot of questions.

You see, this video shows the last time I let my husband come along when I had my craving to meet my lovers. After this video was shot, I was overwhelmed when I watched it back and saw how out of control I was with my lover. I had fallen for this incredible specimen of a lover and my husband was speechless after watching this man with me having a little afternoon delight. In fact it was a bit too much for my husband to handle. He even left the room halfway through because he couldn’t bear to watch and listen anymore. So when many people ask for multiple angles and such on my video, it is hard because it is usually just me and my lover. This is my typical scenario of me with my lover meeting in the afternoon and scratching that hard to reach itch!

You will also have to excuse how this video ends suddenly after 30 minutes. I only had a small 30 minute tape with me that day. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIMITED TIME FULL VIDEO ON MY SITE!

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  1. I found you. I know it is completely stalker-esque but I saw a video of you and have wondered for weeks who this incredible girl is.
    Thank you for everything you do and all that you are. Simply astounding.

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