Bejeweled Bikini Butt

Did I Pick the Wrong Bikini This Year? Happy 4th of July! – So each year I choose another bikini and you all noticed a couple of weeks ago that I chose my polka dot bikini, but one of my members thinks I made a mistake in not choosing a bikini from his company. Have to admit that I feel bad for disappointing a friend that I have supported for the last several years. You might have noticed over the past several years that I have sported Malibu Strings bikinis on a few occasions. Well I am a good friend and so when I won a bet recently he sent me a few hundred dollars worth of bikinis for me to wear for all of you. Many of you might recall that when I first started on here almost 8 years ago, I wore an Australian Wicked Weasel, but Malibu Strings is the US competitor and given that we are on the verge of America’s 235th Birthday, I am sporting my All American Bandeau bikini with Booty shorts!

Well a bikini is revealing but sometimes it is never enough. Or maybe I should say it is too much! It might not leave much to the imagination but micro bikinis are meant to fall off and let you see more than you should. These bikinis can’t really be worn around out in public, or can they? Well you don’t have to wait to see what’s underneath with me. Just come inside and see. You want to see some All American fireworks? Let me show you! CLICK HERE!


Bikini Bottoms

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