Rebecca’s Going to a Beach The Party – Surf’s Up!

You wouldn’t know it, but I’m really an old-fashioned girl.  When I was little I used to watch all the old surfing movies and pretend I was the girl frolicking on the beach with all the muscle bound men walking around trying to impress me.  All the girls would wear little white bikinis and dance on the beach to good rock and roll music.  Wasn’t that the life?  Well I’m a dreamer and one of my favorite things about Dreamnet is the chance to live my dream!  So I put on my little white bikini and pretended I am Annette with my surfer dude boyfriend, Frankie, ready for a little beach bonfire playing the guitar and roasting marshmallows!  Ah, don’t you just love summer?

Well, maybe this bikini isn’t quite right for a ‘50s movie.  I mean I know the phrase Hang 10, but maybe it should have been Hang 10 inches instead.  Not sure about that?  Well maybe my bikini might stop you from hanging and start having you pointing!  I’ll have you bringing out the Sex Wax to rub all over your board! Come on in and Hang Out with me!  Summer Loving Had Us a Blast!  Come on down.  I’m having a Beach Party and you’re invited!*


*Note:  This update will not be ready till late morning of the 13th.