Pimped Out and Anally Owned

Rebecca Pimped Out & Anally Owned Part 2 ~ A couple of weeks ago we left you showing how Rebecca’s Boss lover likes to make his mark on her. As we mentioned, while he likes to share her with all of you, he is the one who calls the shots. When we asked if Rebecca was a good employee, he said she is a phenomenal performer as well as a very obedient one. Rebecca is such an independent woman we’ve always wondered how someone could really control her.

Well after this video we are pretty sure we know why now. In the first part of this video the Boss stuck his banana deep inside our MILFy businesswoman then inspected her undercarriage, cleaning her out and making sure she was oiled and ready to go. As the video ended, we noticed how he switched to eat out her ass and were left waiting in anticipation.

The wait is over and we must say it is worth it. Watching Rebecca take anal had us crossing our legs as we hear her squeal and then kick he legs helplessly as he presses his abdomen deep against her ass cheeks. Watch her body stiffen as Rebecca loses all control of her body as her Boss pushes deeper and deeper in her black hole. We guarantee you’ll be watching this clip over and over again. CLICK HERE!