8 Years On Dreamnet Contest

Thanks to all my fans

Ah, summer is vacation time. This week also marks my 8th anniversary of being on Dreamnet. That is over 400 weeks of me and I have never taken a week off from being here and I’m not going to stop! You are all part of my life on here and I’m glad to share it with you. So I thought I’d find a way to turn this into a contest! I recently left the country and I of course want to share it with you.  So if you are a current or past member of my website, my contest is to find the name of the place I am standing in front of in the 4th photo of my free section with the orange and yellow balls hanging from the ceiling. The first person to get it right will earn 2 additional months membership to my program. The best way to find it is via Google Maps. You can either send me a tweet to @RebeccasOffice or email me with your guess. Even if you don’t guess it right, I think you’ll enjoy the photos and captions. They should give you a really strong hint!

The number 8 is very lucky in many cultures. And I feel very lucky to have found Dreamnet and the so many wonderful fans and friends I’ve made on here over the last 8 years. This contest is good through August 10. So are you feeling lucky? Well if you want more clues you’ll have to take a peek inside this pictorial on the member side where I have many more clues that should help. Come on in, we are having an 8th Anniversary party and I want you to join me on location on vacation!

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    • Interesting…well you are off to a good start as the only person to figure it out so far was able to find it based upon the clues in my latest update along with locating the actual lighthouse. I was quite impressed!

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