Rebecca wants to turn you on

Let Me Turn You On

I want to show you my new bathroom! I recently had it remodeled with a large jacuzzi tub and no door shower! No door? Yeah, well if I had a door on it, then it would fog up and you wouldn’t be able to watch me. I know you must think that is crazy, but after all these years on Dreamnet, you have all helped me to realize the big problem I have. You see, I got on the web and Dreamnet to find out if I still could turn a guy on. Well I was surprised to see that I really could, but now I’ve become addicted to showing myself off and turning guys on. I found that I’m more of an exhibitionist than I ever imagined I’d be. What’s more is I’ve become addicted to something else …

What else have I been addicted to?! Oh my goodness! I have a serious problem that I can only confess to my members. It is so embarrassing. You want to know what my problem is? You have to come inside my club so I can tell you what it is. I’m serious. I need your help now. It is the only way I can stop. Well maybe if you help me it will only become a worse problem, but that’s okay. I just need you to come support me. CLICK HERE!

Rebecca Renews Her Vows – Crotchless


I just passed my 8th Anniversary on Dreamnet which is quite amazing. What is even more amazing is all the great fans who have followed me year after year. Relationships are tough to manage. I know people who have broken up during the time I’ve been on Dreamnet, so my relationship with some members here should be celebrated. The number 8 is lucky in many cultures. After 8 years on Dreamnet I consider myself quite lucky. I really find myself thinking of my fans as long term relationships. Some of my fans are like virtual husbands with me. We have shared many emails and personal details and thoughts. So just like any good relationship I thought I’d tell you some things about your ‘Virtual MILF” that you might not know and probably should if we are going to spend so much time together in the future.

Now that we’ve been together for this long, I might as well tell you all my secrets. I hope they won’t scare you away. I just feel like we should share more than our body fluids. Of course you need to tell me some of your secrets. I’ve had 1-night stands where I wish I knew more about the guy, so I want you to get to know me inside and out. If you want to know what makes me tick and I want to know what turns you on. So Happy Anniversary Lover! Come in and let’s celebrate … CLICK HERE!

Beat the Heat with Rebecca

This summer has been a scorcher and I’ve been spending so much time at the pool and beach. I know we have been having a sweltering summer all over the United States. I’ve heard in some parts of the country they have been in triple figures for over a month. That is incredible. Well the other day it was so hot here that I sat out by the pool and I fell asleep and started hallucinating and dreaming. Has that ever happened to you? I started dreaming of large penises and riding them. My husband found me panting and moaning by the pool that he thought I was having an orgasm. I had been spending so much time outdoors in the sun that I suffered a case of heat stroke. You are not going to believe what I saw.

Okay, I must have had cock on the brain because I had a whacked out hallucination. I dreamt I was riding on top of the largest cock ever! And then it got even more strange with this bearded little midget guy. I’ve never had a dream that seemed so real! You are all not going to believe me and think I’ve been spending too much time in the sun. I want you to believe me. Come inside and I’ll prove it to you! CLICK HERE!

Country Girls Do It In the Barn

I need a nice strong farmhand


Ever since I started on Dreamnet and told people that I grew up on a farm and was a real country girl who moved to the big city, people have always asked for a barn photo of me.  The problem is that my family retired, sold the farm and moved to the South.  When I did a recent pictorial in a cowboy hat and talked about riding my lovers, well I started getting really horny! I needed to get out to our country barn and finally get naked for you all.  So for all you city slickers out there who follow me, and say they have a crush on me in a business suit, I want to know what you think about me in my cut-offs instead.   I have to tell you that being naked in a barn brought back some big memories for me.  Let me tell you about them!  Follow me into the barn, but shut the door behind you.  We don’t want to let the animals out!  I’m looking for some farm hands.  Need a job?

Ever had a fantasy about taking that country girl into the barn with her little Daisy Dukes on and toss her on to the hay stack for a little fun?  Well let’s say I’ve spent my fair share of time in a barn naked.  I should also tell you that it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.  That hay gets into everything and it really isn’t all that comfortable.  Are you ready for a roll in the hay with me?  Then what are you waiting for?  Come on in pardner!

Wanna be My Cowboy? I can be your Cowgirl

Spring Break Cowgirl

Spring Break Cowgirl

Nothing this cowgirl appreciates more than a good ride!  Are you ready to saddle up and take me for a ride?  I’ll put on my boots, chaps and cowboy hat and ride you all day long.  Ever wonder why us women like riding horses?  Yes, we love the spanking of slamming our booties up and down on the saddle.  Even better, if we can ride bareback, the slapping of our asses will make a girl come so hard.  You mean you’ve never heard of Lady Godiva?  Didn’t you want to know the true story of why she rode through town naked on a horse.  Well, come on down with me and let me show you how this Midwestern farm girl rides like a pro.

I’m no City Slicker. Put me on a wild stallion and I’m just as comfortable as I am sitting around the board room table!  In fact I find similarities in both situations.  Both situations make me so horny.  I remember as a teenager running around naked in the barn and the feel of a wild beast between my naked legs.  I would just close my eyes and rub myself.  Want to see how I got myself off?  Come on in and see how this wild girl learned how to ride her cowboys.