Wanna be My Cowboy? I can be your Cowgirl

Spring Break Cowgirl

Spring Break Cowgirl

Nothing this cowgirl appreciates more than a good ride!  Are you ready to saddle up and take me for a ride?  I’ll put on my boots, chaps and cowboy hat and ride you all day long.  Ever wonder why us women like riding horses?  Yes, we love the spanking of slamming our booties up and down on the saddle.  Even better, if we can ride bareback, the slapping of our asses will make a girl come so hard.  You mean you’ve never heard of Lady Godiva?  Didn’t you want to know the true story of why she rode through town naked on a horse.  Well, come on down with me and let me show you how this Midwestern farm girl rides like a pro.

I’m no City Slicker. Put me on a wild stallion and I’m just as comfortable as I am sitting around the board room table!  In fact I find similarities in both situations.  Both situations make me so horny.  I remember as a teenager running around naked in the barn and the feel of a wild beast between my naked legs.  I would just close my eyes and rub myself.  Want to see how I got myself off?  Come on in and see how this wild girl learned how to ride her cowboys.



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