Beat the Heat with Rebecca

This summer has been a scorcher and I’ve been spending so much time at the pool and beach. I know we have been having a sweltering summer all over the United States. I’ve heard in some parts of the country they have been in triple figures for over a month. That is incredible. Well the other day it was so hot here that I sat out by the pool and I fell asleep and started hallucinating and dreaming. Has that ever happened to you? I started dreaming of large penises and riding them. My husband found me panting and moaning by the pool that he thought I was having an orgasm. I had been spending so much time outdoors in the sun that I suffered a case of heat stroke. You are not going to believe what I saw.

Okay, I must have had cock on the brain because I had a whacked out hallucination. I dreamt I was riding on top of the largest cock ever! And then it got even more strange with this bearded little midget guy. I’ve never had a dream that seemed so real! You are all not going to believe me and think I’ve been spending too much time in the sun. I want you to believe me. Come inside and I’ll prove it to you! CLICK HERE!