Refusing to Let Summer End

rebecca_allnatural003So here I was on vacation on the beautiful island of Cozumel and in desperate need of a break from civilization.  After a first day of scuba diving  and sunbathing my husband greeted me outside of the bathroom taking photos.  I told him I needed to put on some clothes and make up but he said you all need to see me in the raw.  Au naturel if you will.  I hope you don’t mind that I was unprepared.  I really wanted to spend the vacation getting away from it all.  I have been on Dreamnet and shared almost everything with you all for the last 8 years, but my husband reminded me that I owe it to all of you.  You are all part of me and if I’m having fun on vacation, you need to see it and I need to share it with you.  Come on in.  I’ll only be wearing a tan and a smile.

So you want to see what it is to be with me?  Without spending time putting on make up!  Come on vacation with me and feel my skin warm and tender from the Mexican sun.  There is something about being on vacation in a foreign country where nobody knows your name and you don’t speak the language.  The breeze was flowing through the drapes and across the bed.  Makes you want tot take off your clothes and feel that warm breeze on every part of your body.  Come on in and let’s get natural.  See me in my most innocent and natural state!

Rebecca’s 1st Time Gone Black Videos

It’s Out…….just in time for your pleasure!

Rebecca Takes It Deep For the 1st Time

Remember that first time you ever had something you weren’t supposed to have? Well you didn’t just take a little nibble and walk away. You went back for more and more. Rebecca is no different. This very first night she took like a fish to water. She wasn’t going to just get one small taste of black cock. She was going to go back for seconds and thirds

Well this lost tape was found in the attic and is a classic. Remember this is her first time with a black lover. After her first pop, she rested for a bit and attacked her black lover. This MILF was addicted and can’t stop!

So if you ever wonder if you could have an affair or what it would be like to see your wife’s face the first time another man puts his cock deep inside her, just pretend it is you behind the camera as you watch Rebecca. So you now know what happened to Rebecca, just imagine what would happen to you or that woman in your life when she first gets her taste of something else.  To purchase the video…CLICK HERE

Also, be sure to check out Part 1, also available for download….CLICK HERE

Secrets of a Horny Housewife

I’m often asked how and why I can have so many lovers, have my regular work and also do my website. Well’ let’s just say it isn’t easy. I do burn both ends of the candle to provide you all with as much access to me as possible. For me, the best thing is that working in the financial markets on the west coast, I get up very early but am off work early enough that I become free mid-afternoon and have the opportunity to have some fun with my lovers. When everyone is out I can sometimes come home early. I also have a fairly easy 15 minute commute to work and since I’m constantly visiting out of the office with clients, I have a lot of freedom. It’s actually very dangerous as I am a bit of a nympho. I love sex and there is nothing like sticking a rock hard cock inside me. Yes, I’m bad. Real bad.

Yes, I do feel naughty sometimes. I originally thought I’d never let another man in my bed but as I got to know some of my lovers and felt real safe with them, I brought them home. It made the sex better to know that this was the ultimate taboo. My lovers said they felt better that I let them into my home and bed. Yes, they didn’t want to feel like just another piece of meat. Want to see how bad I am? Come on in and see the life of a horny housewife.

Rebecca Cheats – Video Only

Rebecca Cheats Behind Hubby’s Back (A 30 Min. Video) ~ You might remember my video called the Stripper Audition, it was a changing point in my life. I had gone back the next day after initially showing my dance moves. The second interview, the next day, I had while my husband waited in the car. The Boss wanted to see how I acted with a man’s hands all over me. I’m a great interview and sold him. I hate to lose and wasn’t going to blow that interview. Needless to say the sex was amazing. Well I got the job, but the next day I got a call from the Boss saying he needed me to come over to discuss my schedule. The club is only 10 miles from my office, so I left work a little early. He told me to come alone as he wanted to see if I would come without my husband. I didn’t tell my husband as I didn’t want him to know and worry. You see, the Boss makes me squirt harder than any guy. His curved pierced cock just fills me up. After two straight days of fucking this incredible, I had become addicted and needed it in me again. This time without my husband around I could take my time. It was so good and I was developing some real chemistry with my new Boss and I hadn’t even started work yet! He told me not to tell my husband that we met and that I should just come to work early or stay late so that he could have me whenever he wanted. Eventually my husband would catch on, but he didn’t mind. I guess the cum dripping out of my pussy a couple times a week was a dead giveaway. I think this session proved to me that I was really infatuated with black cock. My pussy was obsessed. It needed cock whenever possible. Come on in and see where you need to put it!

My Special Tribute Update You’ll Never Forget

We’ll Never Forget

Never Forget 10th Anniversary: A special pictorial

This weekend marks the 10th Anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11/01 when many innocent people including friends of mine lost their lives on a day that will live in my memory forever.  So when my lover and I were in New York for an event, he wanted to take some photos, but I told him we had to go downtown to pay our respects.  We’d have our time together, but I wanted this to be special.  I wanted to honor those people and that day in history which changed our lives forever.  I know it changed my life.  It reminded me how crazy our world is and how lucky I am.  I hold a special place in my heart for New York, the city I once called home, so I decided to get naked all over and above Manhattan.  We eventually made our way back for the shoot and because of our journey, it was a special night for both of us.

You get everything and more from me in this pictorial.  I wanted to make sure you get all of me plus more in this pictorial (49 photos in all).  New York is still the greatest city in the world to me and I wanted to do it justice by not only getting naked for you, but showing you a little of the city that has since recovered and become stronger than ever. Come inside and visit New York.  It truly is the city so great they named it twice.  In fact, it made me just want to take off my clothes and dance!


Afternoon Delight in Dreamnet Clips

Afternoon Delight

This video clip was originally supposed to be a Limited Edition since I didn’t want to leave it up in my Membership area.  But it sold so well that when I took it down Dreamnet asked that I keep it up in the clips section for my video connoisseurs.  So if you weren’t a member of my site and didn’t see this video, here you go!

Why is it a Limited Edition?  This video is a bit sentimental for me. It is the last video I made with a man I fell in love with who moved away before I  could tell him how much he meant to me.  And for that reason, I am only making this available on here, but thought it would help answer a lot of questions.

You see, this video shows the last time I let my husband come along when I had my craving to meet my lovers. This particular lover and I met several times a week and we fell in love but never got to say it because my husband was always around.  After this video was shot, I was overwhelmed when I watched it back and saw how out of control I was with my lover. I had fallen for this incredible specimen of a lover and my husband was speechless after watching this man with me having a little afternoon delight. In fact it was a bit too much for my husband to handle. He even left the room halfway through because he couldn’t bear to watch and listen anymore. So when many people ask for multiple angles and such on my video, it is hard because it is usually just me and my lover. This is my typical scenario of me with my lover meeting in the afternoon and scratching that hard to reach itch!  I knew from then that I wanted to be alone with my lovers and couldn’t have my husband along as I never wanted to not be able to tell my lovers that they meant so much to me.

You will also have to excuse how this video ends suddenly after 30 minutes. I only had a small 30 minute tape with me that day.

Click here to see my Afternoon Delight.  I don’t know if it will ever be repeated!