Rebecca Cheats – Video Only

Rebecca Cheats Behind Hubby’s Back (A 30 Min. Video) ~ You might remember my video called the Stripper Audition, it was a changing point in my life. I had gone back the next day after initially showing my dance moves. The second interview, the next day, I had while my husband waited in the car. The Boss wanted to see how I acted with a man’s hands all over me. I’m a great interview and sold him. I hate to lose and wasn’t going to blow that interview. Needless to say the sex was amazing. Well I got the job, but the next day I got a call from the Boss saying he needed me to come over to discuss my schedule. The club is only 10 miles from my office, so I left work a little early. He told me to come alone as he wanted to see if I would come without my husband. I didn’t tell my husband as I didn’t want him to know and worry. You see, the Boss makes me squirt harder than any guy. His curved pierced cock just fills me up. After two straight days of fucking this incredible, I had become addicted and needed it in me again. This time without my husband around I could take my time. It was so good and I was developing some real chemistry with my new Boss and I hadn’t even started work yet! He told me not to tell my husband that we met and that I should just come to work early or stay late so that he could have me whenever he wanted. Eventually my husband would catch on, but he didn’t mind. I guess the cum dripping out of my pussy a couple times a week was a dead giveaway. I think this session proved to me that I was really infatuated with black cock. My pussy was obsessed. It needed cock whenever possible. Come on in and see where you need to put it!