Rebecca’s 1st Time Gone Black Videos

It’s Out…….just in time for your pleasure!

Rebecca Takes It Deep For the 1st Time

Remember that first time you ever had something you weren’t supposed to have? Well you didn’t just take a little nibble and walk away. You went back for more and more. Rebecca is no different. This very first night she took like a fish to water. She wasn’t going to just get one small taste of black cock. She was going to go back for seconds and thirds

Well this lost tape was found in the attic and is a classic. Remember this is her first time with a black lover. After her first pop, she rested for a bit and attacked her black lover. This MILF was addicted and can’t stop!

So if you ever wonder if you could have an affair or what it would be like to see your wife’s face the first time another man puts his cock deep inside her, just pretend it is you behind the camera as you watch Rebecca. So you now know what happened to Rebecca, just imagine what would happen to you or that woman in your life when she first gets her taste of something else.  To purchase the video…CLICK HERE

Also, be sure to check out Part 1, also available for download….CLICK HERE

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  1. i seen 1 of her vids b4 on the net an i must say she is extremely hot an very sexy with an amazing body and perfect twins

  2. If her husband is like me watching his wife get royally fucked brought on a mixture of emotions. It hurt she enjoyed so much but I couldn’t help get a hardon. That it was BBC made it extra special

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