Refusing to Let Summer End

rebecca_allnatural003So here I was on vacation on the beautiful island of Cozumel and in desperate need of a break from civilization.  After a first day of scuba diving  and sunbathing my husband greeted me outside of the bathroom taking photos.  I told him I needed to put on some clothes and make up but he said you all need to see me in the raw.  Au naturel if you will.  I hope you don’t mind that I was unprepared.  I really wanted to spend the vacation getting away from it all.  I have been on Dreamnet and shared almost everything with you all for the last 8 years, but my husband reminded me that I owe it to all of you.  You are all part of me and if I’m having fun on vacation, you need to see it and I need to share it with you.  Come on in.  I’ll only be wearing a tan and a smile.

So you want to see what it is to be with me?  Without spending time putting on make up!  Come on vacation with me and feel my skin warm and tender from the Mexican sun.  There is something about being on vacation in a foreign country where nobody knows your name and you don’t speak the language.  The breeze was flowing through the drapes and across the bed.  Makes you want tot take off your clothes and feel that warm breeze on every part of your body.  Come on in and let’s get natural.  See me in my most innocent and natural state!

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