Halloween Maid to Order

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Have you been a dirty boy? Well then I’m maid for you. Don’t worry I have my papers and am not an illegal alien. I don’t even need a green card. Always wanted to do your house cleaner? Well this Halloween I get to be your sexy scary fantasy. What? You don’t find my costume scary? Well I have to be honest. I always like costumes that are multi-functional. I mean not only do I have a great costume for Halloween, but I also have something functional to wear the next time I need to clean up after a long night. Well Halloween is going to be a long night anyway. No matter what, I think it will be sticky and sweet, don’t you? Oh and we will also have some candy for everyone too. CLICK HERE!

MILF on Fire: Rebecca’s Heat Wave

Hot Momma. Rebecca’s Feeling the Heat Wave! ~ It is so hot out that I just go a little sunburn the other day in my yard gardening. Are you kidding? Is it really October? We just had record temperatures here the other day in the ‘80s and ‘90s. I’m not complaining. I did leave the Midwest in hopes that I could enjoy the nicer weather. In fact as each year goes by I am finding I do not miss the cold and the snow. We hardly even go to our Winter home these days and my skis are gathering dust in the garage. I know you guys are probably rolling your eyes as you’d probably rather see me in bikinis in December than bundled in wool sweaters. Well don’t worry. As it might get cold wherever you are, I’ll either make you warm or heat you up as I sweat it out in the heat over the next few months.

Yes I’ll still be your snow bunny despite this heat. We can do all the things that you enjoy in the Winter except you don’t have to hit the slopes. You can ski Mt. Rebecca, you can race down my slopes or slalom down at a slower pace. And you won’t have to wear all that extra clothing. Just remember whenever the weather gets you down this Winter that Rebecca will be here to warm you up! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s Naked Hike

People ask me all the time what I am really like. Well I am a hard working person who gives her all during the day, but in my off time I like to usually be alone and enjoy myself. I am a bit of an introvert. I guess that is why I prefer to remain more of an amateur web girl than a full time porn star. I admit I get a bit intimidated when I meet some of these professional porn stars. I’m just a normal businesswoman who likes to find big cocks to satisfy her wild side. I also enjoy just meeting up with a man who will tell me how much he likes me and makes me feel so wonderful. As you can see, I do a lot of reading, but I feel like getting some fresh air. Will you come along? It’s getting a bit late out and I would like some company. I’ll show you my secret private place.

Let’s go for a walk on the wild side. I have some beautiful solitary spots near our home and sometimes I like to go for a little sunset walk or horse ride. It’s gotten a little late though, so I hope you will come along to protect me. It’s still hot out. Perhaps we can do a little naked hiking. Just put on your hiking boots and let’s go! You don’t need anything else. Just me!

Rebecca’s Classy Assy

A few years ago I was introduced to the term Ass Drink. Have you heard of it? Check it out in the Urban Dictionary. The definition: A woman’s rear functions as a drink stand, for when a man does her from behind and she reaches way over and grabs her toes, the ass forms a perfect cup-holder. Combining sex and furniture, the woman can function no better. Anything from beer bottles to fine spirits will balance on this perfect stand.

How do you use this in a sentence?: Coming home from a hard day at the office, my lover poured himself a nice glass of Scotch, close at hand on his drink stand as he bent me over and inserted himself.

Okay, this isn’t about my ass this week. It really is about how my lovers always try to treat me with class, but it just seems to start that way until things get going. Next thing you know, the drink is on the floor and I’m sucking down something else. In fact, it is like I’m chugging down a medicine that is good for me. Real Good. Come on in and see how this is glass and gets broken down.