Rebecca Hosts Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Come join me this Thanksgiving! I am the hostess with the moistest! LOL! It is true though. I do like to entertain people, but of course you knew that already. The holidays are fun for me as I always like to host friends and family at our house. Additionally I like to entertain and try new recipes. I’m not a bad cook either. This year I’m actually having a few people from work at my place as they are from foreign countries where they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Well anyway, this holiday is about giving thanks and always at this time of the year I like to thank those of you who follow me year round. So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. For those of you who don’t celebrate this holiday, come join us. I’ll teach you a thing or two. I’ve got the whipped cream ready. You just tell me where you want it.

What is your favorite part of the holidays? I am so glad to have you with me this holiday season. I sure hope you know how to carve a bird. I have to be honest. Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. The food is just okay. The desserts are awesome, but I just can’t do all that eating. For me the best part is thanking everyone for all that they have done for me this past year. Why don’t you come inside for a little Thanksgiving feast and I can personally thank you.


Rebecca has House Rules!

Despite the fact that I grew up on a rural farm, my parents were always impressing on me that I needed to practice the social graces. I was always sent to practice “how to be a lady” when I was growing up. This including had to talk, walk, dress, etc. I know it sounds old school, especially since the other 6 days of the week, I would forget everything they were trying to teach us. Nevertheless, I was a good student and today since I live in a big city, many of the things I learned I am able to practice in today’s world. I find that trying to be classy though is such a snobby thing, so I try to be sassy as well. I hope you feel that I impress that on you. In every update I try to impress upon you that I am a proper woman with class, but at the same time one who likes to stray from the straight, the narrow, and the boring.

My husband says I am the ideal woman. He could take me to a White House Press conference yet at the same time I’d feel equally as comfortable at a Southern country picnic. He is right. I like to pride myself on the fact that I can feel comfortable in any environment. So today I want to show you that yes the modern woman can me both classy and sassy at the same time. In fact, I want you to take a look and tell me what you prefer. Do you prefer a woman to be classy or sassy? CLICK HERE!

Lady Rebecca & Her Peeping Tom

How many of you know the story of Lady Godiva? Believe it or not as a young girl I was inspired by the story of this upper class woman, a noblewoman if you will, who in repentance for her husband’s taxation of the people of her village, rode naked through town upon her horse. Her husband who didn’t feel as remorseful told her he’d only return the tax to the people if she rode through town naked, thinking that his snobby wife would never take such a dare. Lady Godiva then told everyone in town that if they closed their doors and windows she would ride naked and that she’d get them their money back. I don’t know why the story struck me, but I fell in love with horses as a teenager and once pretended to be Lady Godiva, riding naked around our property. Perhaps it was a precursor to my desire to be an exhibitionist.

Well if you know the story, really well then you know that is where the phrase, Peeping Tom, came from! When Lady Godiva rode through town, nobody looked, except for the town tailor named Tom. Yep, Tom was a the most famous voyeur ever and as she rode through town, he put a hole through his shutters and became known as Peeping Tom. I know you want to look. Coming on in and be my Peeping Tom. CLICK HERE!

Talk Dirty To Me Please!


So the topic is dirty talk. Do you like it? I love it. Well, I like it dirty, but not too degrading. Let’s just say I love it hot and steamy. To me there is nothing hotter than a man who talks to me while his hot member is deep inside me. It is like he’s pushing a button deep inside me and making me say and do things that never ever would come out of my mouth. When my lovers get together with me, they don’t say much, but when they do, sometimes I just swoon. I become putty in their hands and the submissive side of Rebecca comes out. Yes, I love a strong man who knows how to take control over me. In this case my lover whispered things to me as my husband took photos. He couldn’t hear what was being said, which made it even hotter. You’re going to love reading the actual things my lovers say to me that turn me on.

What did he say to me? Need some tips? Not a modern day Cyrano? Well come on inside my club and go backstage. Well maybe hide under the bed and listen in. Make sure you take some notes. These are some of the words spoken to me that just makes me cum. There is nothing hotter than a man who knows how to get into my mind and set me off. Come on in and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.