Lady Rebecca & Her Peeping Tom

How many of you know the story of Lady Godiva? Believe it or not as a young girl I was inspired by the story of this upper class woman, a noblewoman if you will, who in repentance for her husband’s taxation of the people of her village, rode naked through town upon her horse. Her husband who didn’t feel as remorseful told her he’d only return the tax to the people if she rode through town naked, thinking that his snobby wife would never take such a dare. Lady Godiva then told everyone in town that if they closed their doors and windows she would ride naked and that she’d get them their money back. I don’t know why the story struck me, but I fell in love with horses as a teenager and once pretended to be Lady Godiva, riding naked around our property. Perhaps it was a precursor to my desire to be an exhibitionist.

Well if you know the story, really well then you know that is where the phrase, Peeping Tom, came from! When Lady Godiva rode through town, nobody looked, except for the town tailor named Tom. Yep, Tom was a the most famous voyeur ever and as she rode through town, he put a hole through his shutters and became known as Peeping Tom. I know you want to look. Coming on in and be my Peeping Tom. CLICK HERE!