Ring In the New Year With Rebecca

Well 2011 has been a long year. Lots of struggles for me me personally that I know of, but lots of great opportunities as well. I don’t know if 2012 will be any easier and who knows what great adventures we will find in the new year, but I am always look forward. No use looking back

I always say, unless it holds answers to what I can do in the future. I sure hope you will ring in the new year with me. I do hope that you will join me in what will be my 9th year on Dreamnet. Looks like 2013 will be my 10 year party. Will you stick with me for that blowout? In the meantime, please join me as we jump into 2012!

Want to start off the new year right? I hope you join me as we look forward to 2012! I really look forward to showing you all something that you’ve never seen before. Perhaps I can take you along on some exotic and erotic adventures. Part of the fun of Dreamnet is introducing you all to a part of me that you’ve never seen before. My husband likes to say that he married an adventure. So let’s celebrate the New Year. Come on in, and let’s pop your cork. I like to drink right from the bottle! CLICK HERE!

Got Some Mistletoe?

Another year has almost gone by and I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season not matter how you celebrate it. For me I have been blessed to be part of a huge family and love spending this time with them and all of my friends. This includes my online friends as well. Although some of you out there might be content on a simple holiday, I hope you think of me during this holiday season. So if you are feeling down and want a little fun, I want you to come by and look at this pictorial. Think of me as your family. I love spreading cheer this time of year and if I can put a smile on your face, I consider that the best gift I can give.So do you have a little “Bah” in your “Humbug”? Well let me give you the gift that keeps on giving! Want to wipe that Scrooge off of your face? Come on over and sit by the fire. Come on in and I will help turn that Grinch into some Mistletoe. So if you are ready, come on in. I’m waiting under the Mistletoe for you! CLICK HERE!

Fetish Me This – What is Black on White & Red All Over?

Fetish Me This

Actually that should read what is Black on White on White and Read all Over. Of course the answer is me in Black lingerie on a white bed with photos posted on my website that is read all over the world. I was thinking of doing a black and white pictorial but my photographer told me that maybe I should just take some photos in all black and white. I guess you might say that this is the black and white update that isn’t interracial. This pictorial is a nod to Terry who requested me in black stockings he purchased for me and wanted to see close-ups of me on my bed. Terry has a fetish for stockings. Do you have a fetish for me to fulfill? You could end up on this page too: http://www.rebeccasoffice.com/sets/fetish/fetish.html

Got a fetish? Are you a stocking lover? Do you want to request a pictorial of me wearing something in particular? I am always willing to wear something within reason. Send me your requests. Something personal. Something sexy, or something controversial. If you want to get personal with me, then tell me more about what I can do for you. Come on in, hop on my bed with me and let’s discuss what I can do for you.

New Video Project Needs Your Help!

Hey everyone,

I am putting together a little video project for one of my holiday updates and need your help.  I realize that many people are new to me and probably want to learn more.  I’ve had many people ask me some pretty basic questions likely and thought I’d do a video Q&A.  So perhaps I thought I could hold a little 20 questions Q&A with a video update.

I’ll add my own little flair as usual, so fire away!  Post some questions for me to answer by responding to this post or send me an email to rebeccasoffice [at] gmail [dot] com

This should be fun!  When you send me the email  give me a name and place so I know how to say who the question is from.  For example, Buck from Tampa or Karl from Jamaica.  I look forward to seeing your questions.  Obviously, questions where I can give you a long answer are better for all of you.





Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Mirror, Mirror

I’m often asked by new fans why it is that I do this? What makes Rebecca tick? I’ve said this many a time, but as a reminder, I’m just like every other woman. A woman wants to be loved. She wants to be told that she is desirable. She wants to be told that she’s still got it. It is the same way you men are flattered when a young hottie flirts with you. It makes me feel so good and wanting more. In my younger days I would scoff at the young construction workers who would make cat calls and whistle when I walked by. Now I love and relish it. You men need to know that even though we might look away when you wink at us or whistle, if we are dressed nicely, we are asking for your attention . We might not say it, but we do enjoy the attention.

So what is it about my site that I love?! It is the place where I get to hear from you guys and I get to interact with you. I am like your Cinderella and you all get to be my Magic Mirror on the Wall. Each week when I come home from work and get your emails, I love opening them and hearing you answer my question, “Who is the Fairest MILF of them All?” Let me hear your love. Come on it and let me know how this week’s pictorial makes you feel! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca Cheats & Never Goes Back (Part 2) – Video

Rebecca Cheats & Never Goes Back (Part 2) – In this Part 2 you get to see the day I became addicted many years ago. I had gone back to see the Boss the day after my stripper audition. I hadn’t been able to really prove to him in the first interview that I wanted the job because my husband was around. So while my husband was at work, I came back to show him that I knew how to take instructions and that I was a top notch performer. In Part 1 I had taken him to the limits and he unloaded deep inside me but to my surprise and to his I wasn’t done. I told him I need more. So after he grabs himself a drink, we go back at it. You can hear me beg for the job during this session and I get so wet I squirt all over his stomach and chest. He was such a stallion and I rode him cowgirl style until I could get him tamed.

Yes this video is dark because he has all video auditions secretly taped to prove that I got the job fair and square and that I wasn’t given any favors. I’m not sure who got the best of that deal but after that evening I knew that I had never been taken like that before and I loved it! That was what it was like to be with a real man!

In the end you even get to hear some of our conversation. I had no idea we were being taped as we just lay there and chatted until he admitted to me that I was hired. A few years later he gave me my audition tape for my memory.You’re looking at it for the first time just like me! CLICK HERE!