Rebecca Cheats & Never Goes Back (Part 2) – Video

Rebecca Cheats & Never Goes Back (Part 2) – In this Part 2 you get to see the day I became addicted many years ago. I had gone back to see the Boss the day after my stripper audition. I hadn’t been able to really prove to him in the first interview that I wanted the job because my husband was around. So while my husband was at work, I came back to show him that I knew how to take instructions and that I was a top notch performer. In Part 1 I had taken him to the limits and he unloaded deep inside me but to my surprise and to his I wasn’t done. I told him I need more. So after he grabs himself a drink, we go back at it. You can hear me beg for the job during this session and I get so wet I squirt all over his stomach and chest. He was such a stallion and I rode him cowgirl style until I could get him tamed.

Yes this video is dark because he has all video auditions secretly taped to prove that I got the job fair and square and that I wasn’t given any favors. I’m not sure who got the best of that deal but after that evening I knew that I had never been taken like that before and I loved it! That was what it was like to be with a real man!

In the end you even get to hear some of our conversation. I had no idea we were being taped as we just lay there and chatted until he admitted to me that I was hired. A few years later he gave me my audition tape for my memory.You’re looking at it for the first time just like me! CLICK HERE!

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