Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Mirror, Mirror

I’m often asked by new fans why it is that I do this? What makes Rebecca tick? I’ve said this many a time, but as a reminder, I’m just like every other woman. A woman wants to be loved. She wants to be told that she is desirable. She wants to be told that she’s still got it. It is the same way you men are flattered when a young hottie flirts with you. It makes me feel so good and wanting more. In my younger days I would scoff at the young construction workers who would make cat calls and whistle when I walked by. Now I love and relish it. You men need to know that even though we might look away when you wink at us or whistle, if we are dressed nicely, we are asking for your attention . We might not say it, but we do enjoy the attention.

So what is it about my site that I love?! It is the place where I get to hear from you guys and I get to interact with you. I am like your Cinderella and you all get to be my Magic Mirror on the Wall. Each week when I come home from work and get your emails, I love opening them and hearing you answer my question, “Who is the Fairest MILF of them All?” Let me hear your love. Come on it and let me know how this week’s pictorial makes you feel! CLICK HERE!

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