New Video Project Needs Your Help!

Hey everyone,

I am putting together a little video project for one of my holiday updates and need your help.  I realize that many people are new to me and probably want to learn more.  I’ve had many people ask me some pretty basic questions likely and thought I’d do a video Q&A.  So perhaps I thought I could hold a little 20 questions Q&A with a video update.

I’ll add my own little flair as usual, so fire away!  Post some questions for me to answer by responding to this post or send me an email to rebeccasoffice [at] gmail [dot] com

This should be fun!  When you send me the email  give me a name and place so I know how to say who the question is from.  For example, Buck from Tampa or Karl from Jamaica.  I look forward to seeing your questions.  Obviously, questions where I can give you a long answer are better for all of you.





4 thoughts on “New Video Project Needs Your Help!

  1. Can you show us your favorite toy and show us how you use it? I’d like to see you play with it.

  2. Do you still have a “regular” job and if so has anyone you worked with ever found your site? Furthermore if it has happend what was their reaction or how did they bring it up?

  3. Rebecca, First let me say i think you are so so so sexy and gorgeous and i simply love how wet you get. I also think there is nothing sexier in the world than a gorgeous white girl into black guys and i simply LOVE interracial creampies…So my question is..would you ever do like a cuck video where you let a lucky fan clean you up, you know like a creampie video…and if so anychance i can be the lucky fan? Ted from Colorado..

    P.S I do have an amazing tongue…

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