I’m Feeling Bootylicious

So do any of you guys out there like to dress up your woman? I think my husband would have preferred to play with dolls than a football when he was younger, because he is always laying out clothes for me to wear. I must admit that during the day I normally dress like a prude, but my husband has been trying to change my style to be more sexy. Recently I was headed off to our weekend house with my lover. My husband told me that the only way I could have the house alone with my lover for the weekend was if he could pack my bags for me. At least he knows what sizes I wear. So when I left the house he put me in these clothes while in the garage and off I went. You get to see our vacation home bedroom in this pictorial.

So how would you dress up your wife for a date with another man? My husband did not leave me much to wear. I couldn’t even go outdoors or to a restaurant all weekend. Not that my lover and I were going to leave the bedroom much. I also hope you like my little weekend abode. We don’t get here much, but perhaps I should do this more often. I need to spend more quality time with my lover and away from my everyday life. Come on in and see how I dressed all weekend with my lover. CLICK HERE!

3 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Bootylicious

  1. You’re beautiful a real woman,elegant and charming.I do not understand how your husband is not jealous and agree with not to have sex with you.
    Are you still in love or this experience has changed you in a couple of good friends.
    Have you ever thought about the divorce?

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