Rebecca’s Sounds of Seduction and Turning Point

The Turning Point – 15 Min. Interracial

I know you all have enjoyed my work here for over 8 years, but as you know I am no pro at this and as you can probably guess, there are times when I’ve done things and thought, “I can’t do this. This is wrong. I need to quit.” Well back in 2004, my husband set me up for my fist Valentine’s Day present with my lover. I was nervous as this was my second visit with him. My husband dressed me in red for my lover, but this was going to be my last time I would do this. After this day, I was going to go back and be a regular housewife. Well as soon as my lover put his tongue on my pussy I knew I was never going back. He had me. Ever since that day I have given my heart to my black lovers. I never spent Valentine’s Day with my husband again. I get asked every time and it is so true. Once you go black … you never go back. My lover tasted so good and ate me to the most incredible climax. Are these guys superior lovers? You bet! Watch as my lover seduces me into a life that I will never be able to quit. CLICK HERE!

The Sounds of Seduction – 50 Min. Video! (Over 50 minutes long of unedited video)

So I met up with a young lover a while back. I felt so sneaky as he still lived in the same house as his parents and had a really small room. The room was so small that I couldn’t get the camera back enough to get a good video and we had to keep the lights out so they thought he was asleep. So when I taped it I didn’t think the quality was good, but my husband found it, loved it, and thought I should share this with you. The best part for you is that you get to hear every word and hear me as I take a cock in the ass for the very first time. You might say I enjoyed it. Ever want to hear what two lovers say when they are making love? Then listen in as Rebecca’s lover seduces her and convinces her to take it in the ass. Listen to her whimper as he strokes this cougar’s pussy and ass. You can tell her cries are not those of a woman in pain, but one of a woman who realizes that she is now forever convinced that she can’t do without black cock in her life. CLICK HERE!

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    • Well not in a sexual way. Honestly we each love each other been when it comes to sexual satisfaction we each go elsewhere. Variety is the spice of life. I actually love hearing from other women who tell me my husband is darling.

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