Rebecca’s Q&A Update

NEW VIDEO ~ Q&A and play with Rebecca

This is your Boss speaking! All hands on deck as I want to tell you about the State of RebeccasOffice. You’ve been waiting for this and I am glad to finally answer some of your questions that you all sent in. Thanks so much for answering my request and sending in your questions. In order for us to succeed together, you need to know that I’m here to let you know what is going on now and what we have in store for the future. This video is my way of letting you know more about me as I often get the same questions and it is hard to keep re-typing the answers or helping people find the answer on my site. I am so glad to try something new for all of you and hopefully we will do this again.

Like every great boss, Rebecca loves good feedback and also provides you examples of what she can do to make things better for all her constituents. She even re-enacts some of the best strategic decisions she makes behind closed doors. Very few of us really get to know what makes our boss tick, well not Rebecca. She provides you with the real answers straight from her lips! Come on in and check it out. Rebecca has an open door policy it seems! CLICK HERE!

NEW PICS ~ Rebecca Branding San Francisco

Header – As you all know I love when my members send me something personal and have me wear their brand. One of my admirers hails from Northern California and although he has seen me in lots of uniforms from the East Coast and the South, wanted to see me wearing the color and symbol of his favorite NFL team! I’m always happy to oblige. I hope it brings us closer together. Do you all like this team? Do you have something for me to wear? Your favorite local restaurant T-shirt? Your school colors? Let me promote something personal to you. Send it to Dreamnet and I will wear it! You can also write some of the things you want me to say in this micro-shoot. Remember, I probably don’t know much about the subject matter so you’ll need to educate me. So Send me something and I’ll take a few photos in it and give you a shout out.

I honestly don’t follow football that much, but one of my fans is what he calls a “49er Fanatic” . So thanks to Vince for this cute little dress. I love it and I’m so proud to wear this dress for you. I hope it makes you swell with pride seeing me in your team colors … CLICK HERE!


I want it. Give it to me.

What Rebecca Wants, Rebecca Gets

I don’t know about how it is for men, but sometimes us women just have to have it! I don’t know where men go or what they do, but sometimes I need to call my lover and tell him that I need him inside me. Some of my lovers say I’m spoiled and that I feel like a nice penis is my right. Well isn’t it? The good thing about my work is that I get home early very often before anyone gets home and have a few hours to myself. Sometimes I play with a toy to get rid of my urges, but the other day I just felt like I needed the real thing. I had three hours and called him over. I don’t usually bring them to my house, but what Rebecca wants, Rebecca gets.

So if you were to come to my house to help relieve me, how would you like me to be dressed?  Or perhaps you want to see me naked and ready?  I think most want to see me dressed like normal so they can strip me down. So how should I dress for my lover when he comes over?  Or if you were to be coming over, how should I be dressed to greet you?  Why don’t you ring my doorbell and come on in?  I’m waiting for you.  CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s Office Goes Red

I recently ran a poll in the Dreamnet Forums about the color of a woman’s lingerie and I guess I inspired a pretty heated debate. I never thought something that men rip off our bodies would be such a popular topic (see Topic in The Dreamnet Fourm!) Well it had a profound effect on one of my members who said that he needed to send me lingerie in his favorite color. Two days late a bra and panty set arrived and I felt it only appropriate that given the spirit I should wear red for the holiday. I don’t often get to respond to a user’s need that quickly so I figured I’d show all of you how I listen and try to address the needs of all my members. I hope you enjoy!

I know I gave you all a Valentine’s update last week but I figured why not give you all what you want! When this number arrived in the mail, I just had to slip into this. I never owned a balconette bra with my breasts exposed before. So do you like the color red? If you haven’t answered the poll in the Dreamnet Forum yet, check the link above and let us know your favorite lingerie color. Don’t like the color red? Well then come inside and rip this little number off my body! I’m ready for you. CLICK HERE!

Will You be My Valentine?

Despite the fact that I grew up on a rural farm, my parents were always impressing on me that I needed to practice the social graces. I was always sent to practice “how to be a lady” when I was growing up. This including had to talk, walk, dress, etc. I know it sounds old school, especially since the other 6 days of the week, I would forget everything they were trying to teach us. Nevertheless, I was a good student and today since I live in a big city, many of the things I learned I am able to practice in today’s world. I find that trying to be classy though is such a snobby thing, so I try to be sassy as well. I hope you feel that I impress that on you. In every update I try to impress upon you that I am a proper woman with class, but at the same time one who likes to stray from the straight, the narrow, and the boring.

My husband says I am the ideal woman. He could take me to a White House Press conference yet at the same time I’d feel equally as comfortable at a Southern country picnic. He is right. I like to pride myself on the fact that I can feel comfortable in any environment. So today I want to show you that yes the modern woman can me both classy and sassy at the same time. In fact, I want you to take a look and tell me what you prefer. Do you prefer a woman to be classy or sassy? CLICK HERE!

Is this OK to wear to your place?

You know recently my husband has been a bit useless.  I do think maybe he’s just jealous.  Or maybe it is the fact I can’t even remember the last time we slept together.  The other night I was headed out to see one of my lovers and asked him if he liked the new outfit I got for the occasion.  He basically told me his opinion didn’t matter since I seem to dress for my lovers and then where sweats and oversized shirts when I’m around him.  Well I love being sexy for my lovers as it makes me fell desired and especially having them undress me in an animalistic fervor!  My husband never acted like that with hunger in his eyes.

So maybe if my husband can’t help me figure out what to wear, you all can help me out and let me know if what I am wearing looks good.  I want your complete honesty because if it doesn’t turn you on then probably it won’t appeal to my lovers.  I want them to just go nuts as soon as they see me that they want to rip off my underwear.    So come inside and let me know what you think.