Is this OK to wear to your place?

You know recently my husband has been a bit useless.  I do think maybe he’s just jealous.  Or maybe it is the fact I can’t even remember the last time we slept together.  The other night I was headed out to see one of my lovers and asked him if he liked the new outfit I got for the occasion.  He basically told me his opinion didn’t matter since I seem to dress for my lovers and then where sweats and oversized shirts when I’m around him.  Well I love being sexy for my lovers as it makes me fell desired and especially having them undress me in an animalistic fervor!  My husband never acted like that with hunger in his eyes.

So maybe if my husband can’t help me figure out what to wear, you all can help me out and let me know if what I am wearing looks good.  I want your complete honesty because if it doesn’t turn you on then probably it won’t appeal to my lovers.  I want them to just go nuts as soon as they see me that they want to rip off my underwear.    So come inside and let me know what you think.

One thought on “Is this OK to wear to your place?

  1. Looks fine! But still abit to much for me! Prefer you nude! Thanks Big fan in the uk

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