Rebecca’s Office Goes Red

I recently ran a poll in the Dreamnet Forums about the color of a woman’s lingerie and I guess I inspired a pretty heated debate. I never thought something that men rip off our bodies would be such a popular topic (see Topic in The Dreamnet Fourm!) Well it had a profound effect on one of my members who said that he needed to send me lingerie in his favorite color. Two days late a bra and panty set arrived and I felt it only appropriate that given the spirit I should wear red for the holiday. I don’t often get to respond to a user’s need that quickly so I figured I’d show all of you how I listen and try to address the needs of all my members. I hope you enjoy!

I know I gave you all a Valentine’s update last week but I figured why not give you all what you want! When this number arrived in the mail, I just had to slip into this. I never owned a balconette bra with my breasts exposed before. So do you like the color red? If you haven’t answered the poll in the Dreamnet Forum yet, check the link above and let us know your favorite lingerie color. Don’t like the color red? Well then come inside and rip this little number off my body! I’m ready for you. CLICK HERE!