Rebecca Writings – Fan Fiction – “Rebecca in the White Blouse”

Below is a story of fiction written by a fan.  All resemblances to me or anyone else are purely coincidental, but it sure would be nice if it were true, wouldn’t it?  The story is purely for entertainment purposes only, so please enjoy!

by Anonymous

Rebecca in a White Blouse

There is a party at your house, people from the office.  Unconsciously, you mostly invited handsome young men, tall, with broad shoulders.  You can sense how big they are down below, how hard they could get.  What you didn’t know is that many of the people in your office had joined a swingers club, were used to free and wide ranging sex, and they were all here in your home, with your husband away.

You are wearing a white rubbed blouse that doesn’t even reach your belly button, but that shows off your firm, rich breasts to full advantage, along with jeans.  You go in to the bedroom to check on something, and when you turn around you bump in to a handsome fellow right in front of you.  Before you can protest he runs his hands down your body, brushing gently even your hips, your crotch, the soft outline of your breast.  Your breath quickens, but you stifle yourself, and turn from him, trying to escape and collect your thoughts, but you swivel right into the arms of his buddy, who grabs your hips and starts to rub himself on you.  You can feel his huge bulge and you are straining to restrain yourself; he demands, “Do you like this,” and you want to say “no,” even though it is a lie.  But just the n you see the room is being filled with young men, and suddenly someone behind you puts his hands under your blouse and cups your dangling, braless breasts.  The soft flesh shakes as he caresses the teats, and you arch your back and groan softly, till he begins to dance fingertips over the nipples and you cry out, shaking your chest in passion.  As he pulls down your jeans and panties you gasp, “no, no, you…you can’t” but they laugh and know the truth.

Now you are wearing just the top, nothing else, and they lean you over the bed doggy style.  You cry out as you are penetrated, swinging your hips as his thick member drives you wild.  Just then he reaches under your blouse to fondle your swaying breasts. And this pushes you over the edge:  it was all too sudden, too unexpected.  They are too much for you and you cum hard for him, bucking your hips, arching your back and screaming loudly, beyond shame.

You are helpless now, vulnerable, unable to resist as you are taken again and again.  All you can do is cum for them, which you do endlessly for so many handsome men.  At one point you are lying on the bed, covered in sweat and sperm, giving another blowjob when a woman begins to eat your pussy; caught off guard, you give in and let her lick you to orgasm, bucking and screaming, as the man explodes in your mouth, till you grab her head and push the tongue deep inside you as you cry out again and again, twisting in the bed sheets as you explode over and over in blatant orgasm.  But this only excites the men, and you have to service them, your breasts shaking and your pussy quivering as you cum again and again.

When they are all done, it has been a long afternoon.  You are exhausted, fucked out, damp, and alone.

Boobs for Beads!

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday in case you didn’t know. Known as one of the great days of celebration and partying, it is not something that I am normally used to. Growing up I was reserved and events like Mardi Gras always seemed excessive to me. I was never even one of those party girls who would go on Spring Break. Over the last eight years I’ve started to loosen up and you might say I’ve been making up for lost time. I’m still not that comfortable being so risqué, but with a little prodding from my husband and photographer I can get loose every once in a while. So how did celebrating Mardi Gras go for me? Let’s just say I can’t remember much of how it went.

Ugh, I’m not the kind of girl who gets drunk or loses control of her senses, but I must admit if you haven’t noticed already, it really helps me to take the edge off knowing that I am going to be spending time with strangers groping, touching and possibly having their way with my naked body. Honestly, the thought of lifting my shirt for strangers is a bit childish, but what the heck, you only live once, right? Well, check it out. Did I get a lot of beads for my boobs? Come in and see! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s Office gets Sprung

Spring is here and it is time to break out the new wardrobe! That means white shoes, short skirts, and new styles. I recently was going to a Playboy Mansion party and my boyfriend wanted to surprise me with an outfit. Was he kidding? I couldn’t wear what he gave me while out on the town! I was also slightly intimidated that he was going to want me to wear this at a party full of beautiful Playboy playmates and other webgirl hostesses! Well I was invited at least so I guess I needed to look as sexy as possible. It isn’t everyday one gets to go to the Playboy Mansion. That’s my motto…..try something new every day. Well also, my lover wanted to try his hand at taking some photos of me for the site.

So if you and I were headed to the Playboy Mansion together and you wanted to show me off, what would you buy for me to wear?  I’d love for all of you to send me links so I can see who has a good sense of style and perhaps purchase some very beautiful outfits that I could not only wear to work but also out on the town where I can seduce more men.  Still not sure what to send me?  Why don’t you come inside and see what my lover gave me to wear.    Can you do better?  Come in and see if you agree. CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s 3-Way Video Wall St. Bonus Update

Hard times have hit Wall Street. With the government cracking down on big time bonuses, many people in the industry are struggling to keep their high paid bankers happy. Year End bonuses in my industry are down 40%! That doesn’t keep me from trying to keep my employees motivated and happy though. I’m what they call a “Creative Financier”. So I have found a new way to get them their year end bonus. Many have asked if any of my co-workers are aware about my other life and the answer is yes. How else could I keep this secret. These guys always run cover for me and of course I give them their quarterly and annual bonuses both in monetary and supplemental fashion. Happy employees make productive employees! Watch my two co-workers as they reach their quota. Yes I gave them stretch goals this year and I helped them blow right through them. By the way, this bonus is TAX FREE! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TV SIZE VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

The Captivating Housewife!

My husband and I always check in with each other to make sure things are okay. After all these years I hope that he isn’t feeling neglected by sharing his wife with all of you out there. The fact is that I probably spend most of my time working, then I spend a lot of time on my life here on Our Naked Secrets, and lastly he gets what little remaining time I have in a day. We are such busy professionals so I need to make sure that he is okay with where things are going with a lot of my escapades. So I recently asked what still turns him on. He told me that he likes that I belong to all of you and that he still dreams of leaving me home bound and captive so that a stranger he sends home could take me. That would be his wish! What would be your wish?Well, you know me. I always satisfy my man. I have to admit that one of the naughtier things I do is have other men over to my house in the middle of the day and have sex on my own bed. It is so naughty. I could just imagine my husband handcuffing me to the bed going off to work and calling my lovers to come over and take me all day long. Come in and see his dream….and then tell me yours. CLICK HERE!