The Captivating Housewife!

My husband and I always check in with each other to make sure things are okay. After all these years I hope that he isn’t feeling neglected by sharing his wife with all of you out there. The fact is that I probably spend most of my time working, then I spend a lot of time on my life here on Our Naked Secrets, and lastly he gets what little remaining time I have in a day. We are such busy professionals so I need to make sure that he is okay with where things are going with a lot of my escapades. So I recently asked what still turns him on. He told me that he likes that I belong to all of you and that he still dreams of leaving me home bound and captive so that a stranger he sends home could take me. That would be his wish! What would be your wish?Well, you know me. I always satisfy my man. I have to admit that one of the naughtier things I do is have other men over to my house in the middle of the day and have sex on my own bed. It is so naughty. I could just imagine my husband handcuffing me to the bed going off to work and calling my lovers to come over and take me all day long. Come in and see his dream….and then tell me yours. CLICK HERE!

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