Rebecca’s Office gets Sprung

Spring is here and it is time to break out the new wardrobe! That means white shoes, short skirts, and new styles. I recently was going to a Playboy Mansion party and my boyfriend wanted to surprise me with an outfit. Was he kidding? I couldn’t wear what he gave me while out on the town! I was also slightly intimidated that he was going to want me to wear this at a party full of beautiful Playboy playmates and other webgirl hostesses! Well I was invited at least so I guess I needed to look as sexy as possible. It isn’t everyday one gets to go to the Playboy Mansion. That’s my motto…..try something new every day. Well also, my lover wanted to try his hand at taking some photos of me for the site.

So if you and I were headed to the Playboy Mansion together and you wanted to show me off, what would you buy for me to wear?  I’d love for all of you to send me links so I can see who has a good sense of style and perhaps purchase some very beautiful outfits that I could not only wear to work but also out on the town where I can seduce more men.  Still not sure what to send me?  Why don’t you come inside and see what my lover gave me to wear.    Can you do better?  Come in and see if you agree. CLICK HERE!

3 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Office gets Sprung

  1. Can we see you in your update with new hair style like Joslyn James!! It is getting very famous in Bombay. She is now on top here in India.

  2. I sent an email of the outfits I would lover to buy. You should have a contest where the best outfit gets to have a phone conversation with you.

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