Naked in Paradise

So here I was on vacation with my mommy girlfriends. A week away to enjoy ourselves. It was our once a year trip to pamper ourselves, have fun and just get away with things we can’t do at home. No dinner preparation, no laundry duties, no grocery shopping, no carpooling. Just a restful vacation, good food and some guiltless fun. Of course when moms who hardly ever get out, just a little alcohol makes us do stupid things. I don’t know what guys do when on their vacations, but I normally just prefer to lay around a pool with a good book and good service. Well..that is what we started to do, of course I’m not that boring. I like to add a little pizzazz to my vacations.

Good thing I bring my childhood friend and photographer with me on vacations as part of my thank you for all that she does for me. She’s not a mommy, but she loves to have more fun than me. She was not going to let me have a boring vacation if she could help me. So one night we went out for drinks at the hotel bar and next thing you know, I can’t leep my clothes on. Want to see how easy I am? Come on in and take a look. CLICK HERE!

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Paradise Lost with Rebecca – Where is she?

You didn’t think I’d go on vacation without all my fans, would you? Well my girlfriends said they wanted to go on a mommy Spring Break, I knew I had to go, but I had to figure a way to take you along with me. Fortunately I got to bring my photographer along to document some alone time. So now where am I? I’m sure you can get close, but can you really figure it out? Last year someone figured out exactly where I was right down to the street corner where I had lunch. Can you figure out where my girlfriends and I went for vacation? I’ll give you a hint. It was so hot I actually forgot to pack the top half of my bikini! Well actually my naughty husband unpacked the top half of my bikini. Fortunately I found some clothing optional areas. I’m not sure this is what they had in mind.

I was really ready to walk around topless, but heck, these were real friends and they’d never understand. It was so hot outside and I really could have felt the ocean breezes all over my body. I was also worried about though about getting a bad sunburn. Well actually I’d like to know what you think about my tan? Do I need to spend a few more hours in the sun? Come on in and check out my tan lines. Perhaps you can spread some lotion on the hard to reach places. CLICK HERE!

Daisy Duke or Business Babe Update – Vote Here

A long time member who has followed me since day one recently told me that he started following me because I was just a good ‘ole farm girl from the Midwest but since I moved to the Big City and seen the bright lights of Hollywood that I needed to remind everyone about my roots.
So he sent me a pair of boots and told me I should get out my jeans and get back to basics. Well he is right. I am a country girl at heart. I love the outdoors and I will never forget where I am from. It is true you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. And as the famous country song goes, You can’t take the Honky Tonk out of her either.

Which part of me do you like better? Do you prefer the educated businesswoman who is formally trained and comfortable at a White House Press Conference and can make grown men cry in the Board Room or do you prefer the horseback riding girl who can look good in jean shorts, hang with the boys and feel at ease at a country picnic. Thanks to Carl for the new sh**kickers. Well come on in, take a look and let me know. CLICK HERE!

Rebecca & Christina: Taken Housewives

dayoffPeople have asked me about my short video I posted many years ago on my site. Well I looked through my archives and found unseen footage that was never used from my first gangbang. For those who don’t know, I first started on Dreamnet when I lived in the Midwest but was in the process of working a transfer to the West Coast so that my husband could move to the tech field. I really didn’t know anyone in my new neighborhood, but I was fortunate to find my friend Christina lived near me and although my husband hadn’t moved out yet, she played a great welcoming committee to the West Coast.

Little did I know that Christina was a webgirl as well. She was looking for costumes for Halloween and I offered her one of my old ones and brought it over so she could try it on and we could take some photos. Her husband asked if he could take some photos and we had some fun drinking and decorating their home for Halloween, but her husband had something else in mind. He had invited several men to have an impromptu gang bang.

I had already had too much to drink so I couldn’t resist. This footage was taken by one of the guys intermittently as he took photos. As you can see, Christina and I really enjoyed ourselves. Too bad she moved away. She was a great welcome to the neighborhood party. Most new neighbors bake you a pie. She had these guys eat my pie! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 22+ MIN. GROUP SEX VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Spring Break Message: A Potential Rebecca’s Intimate Last Fantasy of Our Lives, Sorry

Author’s Note – This was an April Fool’s Joke….. Please scroll all the way to the end


As many of you have been reading my tweets, I am off to parts unknown for a long Spring Break.  In fact this will be a bit longer than a normal break.  With our youngest heading off to college and already doing his own thing in Ft. Lauderdale, my husband and I decided that we’d have a Spring Break of our own to start a new chapter of our life.

Unfortunately this will not be an ordinary Spring Break as we also have decided, like the founder of Dreamnet, that we want to get away from the rat race. As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast”. Last year, we met other couples while in Cancun at a swingers resort and my husband and I really hit it off with some other people.  One of the men I have become very intimate with and my husband has said he wants to be able to spend more time with some of the other women we met.  Over the last year we have been traveling all over just to stay in touch with these people and keep these relationships alive.

But fortunately, my husband’s tech start-up was sold several months back and as one of the founding executives he is now able to step away and enjoy the many year’s of blood sweat and tears.  At the same time, I can now afford to do the same and have decided not only to semi-retire from my professional life – only managing the few major accounts that I have, but also to spend more time with my friends that I have made in the swinging lifestyle now that I will be becoming an empty nester and have more time to develop these amazing relationships at a more intimate level.

So I am just letting you know that we will likely be shutting down our site after 8 and a half wonderful years.  Great thanks to Rob, Jack, DM, and the whole gang…….love you lots.

Yes, if you read this far, this is an April Fool’s joke. Perhaps you figured it out from the first letter of every word in the title.