Spring Break Message: A Potential Rebecca’s Intimate Last Fantasy of Our Lives, Sorry

Author’s Note – This was an April Fool’s Joke….. Please scroll all the way to the end


As many of you have been reading my tweets, I am off to parts unknown for a long Spring Break.  In fact this will be a bit longer than a normal break.  With our youngest heading off to college and already doing his own thing in Ft. Lauderdale, my husband and I decided that we’d have a Spring Break of our own to start a new chapter of our life.

Unfortunately this will not be an ordinary Spring Break as we also have decided, like the founder of Dreamnet, that we want to get away from the rat race. As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast”. Last year, we met other couples while in Cancun at a swingers resort and my husband and I really hit it off with some other people.  One of the men I have become very intimate with and my husband has said he wants to be able to spend more time with some of the other women we met.  Over the last year we have been traveling all over just to stay in touch with these people and keep these relationships alive.

But fortunately, my husband’s tech start-up was sold several months back and as one of the founding executives he is now able to step away and enjoy the many year’s of blood sweat and tears.  At the same time, I can now afford to do the same and have decided not only to semi-retire from my professional life – only managing the few major accounts that I have, but also to spend more time with my friends that I have made in the swinging lifestyle now that I will be becoming an empty nester and have more time to develop these amazing relationships at a more intimate level.

So I am just letting you know that we will likely be shutting down our site after 8 and a half wonderful years.  Great thanks to Rob, Jack, DM, and the whole gang…….love you lots.

Yes, if you read this far, this is an April Fool’s joke. Perhaps you figured it out from the first letter of every word in the title.

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