Rebecca & Christina: Taken Housewives

dayoffPeople have asked me about my short video I posted many years ago on my site. Well I looked through my archives and found unseen footage that was never used from my first gangbang. For those who don’t know, I first started on Dreamnet when I lived in the Midwest but was in the process of working a transfer to the West Coast so that my husband could move to the tech field. I really didn’t know anyone in my new neighborhood, but I was fortunate to find my friend Christina lived near me and although my husband hadn’t moved out yet, she played a great welcoming committee to the West Coast.

Little did I know that Christina was a webgirl as well. She was looking for costumes for Halloween and I offered her one of my old ones and brought it over so she could try it on and we could take some photos. Her husband asked if he could take some photos and we had some fun drinking and decorating their home for Halloween, but her husband had something else in mind. He had invited several men to have an impromptu gang bang.

I had already had too much to drink so I couldn’t resist. This footage was taken by one of the guys intermittently as he took photos. As you can see, Christina and I really enjoyed ourselves. Too bad she moved away. She was a great welcome to the neighborhood party. Most new neighbors bake you a pie. She had these guys eat my pie! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 22+ MIN. GROUP SEX VIDEO IN MY CLUB!