Naked in Paradise

So here I was on vacation with my mommy girlfriends. A week away to enjoy ourselves. It was our once a year trip to pamper ourselves, have fun and just get away with things we can’t do at home. No dinner preparation, no laundry duties, no grocery shopping, no carpooling. Just a restful vacation, good food and some guiltless fun. Of course when moms who hardly ever get out, just a little alcohol makes us do stupid things. I don’t know what guys do when on their vacations, but I normally just prefer to lay around a pool with a good book and good service. Well..that is what we started to do, of course I’m not that boring. I like to add a little pizzazz to my vacations.

Good thing I bring my childhood friend and photographer with me on vacations as part of my thank you for all that she does for me. She’s not a mommy, but she loves to have more fun than me. She was not going to let me have a boring vacation if she could help me. So one night we went out for drinks at the hotel bar and next thing you know, I can’t leep my clothes on. Want to see how easy I am? Come on in and take a look. CLICK HERE!

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