I Get it In the Face

Recently my husband went off with his lover for a night leaving her husband and I back in the condo while we were on vacation. While we were waiting for them to come back from dinner, I was getting bored and I felt bad for his lover’s husband so I thought I’d give him a little release. So while he was watching a movie I snuck in and gave him a blow job. He wanted to come inside me but I quickly came to my senses. I could not have him some inside me. My lovers would never allow for that. With that I let him come all over my face. Yes, those who have been asking for a facial got it. Of course I cleaned him off. I love the taste of a man’s cum. I’m so nasty.

Well this video was not what I was originally planning, but I think many of you will find it to be exactly what you wanted. A perfect video for you to imagine us being together. Maybe my husband should take your wife or girlfriend out for dinner and leave us home alone. Well you can pretend I am looking up at you with your cock in my mouth as you watch this video. Come inside and unzip it big boy!

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