Sweet Rebecca Helps Her Fans Break the Curse

Baseball Fever - Catch It

Baseball Fever – Catch It

Well, this was interesting. I recently had 4 of my members plea for me to do another baseball pictorial specifically for a northeastern professional baseball team. I didn’t realize that I was supposed to be good luck. Apparently a few of these guys believe that I could break “the curse of Theo”. Apparently they believe that the loss of their General Manager has brought them some bad luck and their team is suffering immensely in last place and need my help. Well I’m not sure if I can help. As of this writing the team is sitting in last place, 5.5 games behind the league leader. Do I make guarantees? Maybe. Wait for the 7th inning stretch and you’ll be singing “Sweet Caroline”…I mean “Sweet Rebecca”

Well, I am all for trying. I never knew I had so many baseball fans from the Northeast. This means even if I have to put on the fancy hose and flash some fancy leather. I don’t do much guaranteeing, but I promise that I will get them out of last place or I will go streaking across their baseball field right up to the Green Monster. The last time I was in the bleachers there in right field, guys started yelling at me, “Show us your tits”. Well come inside and I will do it for the “Beantown Bombers”. CLICK HERE!

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  1. Your form is better than any pitcher the Sox have had in years. And with you there, they’d have something besides fried chicken to eat in the clubhouse.

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