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I got an email today not unlike many I do get from my fans.  They often sound like this.  “Rebecca, we love your site.  I just love how you are so uninhibited.  My wife used to be that way but she has just lost that sex drive”……  Blah Blah Blah.

You know.  I get it I honestly do.  Many of us women blame it on menopause, kids, work, etc.  The simple fact is though that a woman is like a car.  We need maintenance.  We need to be lubed and you frequently need to check under our hood even if the warning light is not on.  I know because I was there.  I was and still am at the point where I infrequently have sex with my own spouse.  DO I love him?  Of course I do and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

When I got married, my minister mentioned 3 kinds of love.  Eros, Philos and Agape.  For me, the Eros or erotic love stopped after my 3rd child.  No matter what my husband said, I was no longer interested in sex.    That is until he started showering me with erotic thoughts of other men and started worshipping me in a way I’ve never felt.   It is this intense need of worship and erotic thoughts that drove me to Dreamnet and 9 years later, my sexual desire is at an all-time high.  SO for those of you out there who think your sex life has gone stale, you need to wake it up.

My husband was feeling about the same way as me.  He had erotic feelings inside him.  They just weren’t about me.  We knew we had to help each other out and so we did.  I helped him to hook up with a woman who has become his full-time eros-lover and he has allowed me to pursue men of my interest.  It has been an amazing adventure for sure.

This week though I went a little further.  My sex drive took over my senses.  I have always told my husband that we would never play in our own house.  Just too dangerous to let people into our homes and know where we lived.  Well I  was just so horny that I called one of my favorite lovers.  And yes it was the middle of the day and nobody was home.  I hadn’t seen my lover in a long time.  We were taking “a break” and I couldn’t resist anymore.  So when he told me he wasn’t working and was at the gym, I told him to come over to my place for a shower.  When he showed up, I answer the door in a teddy and heels.    I knew he liked it.  It was so weird to wear lingerie in my own house.  I couldn’t remember the last time if ever that I felt sexy in my own residence.

Everything was a first.  Kissing a stranger in my bedroom, fucking another man in my bed, sucking another man in my bed, taking it anal in my own bed..oh my.  I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time my hsuband and I had even had sex…not to mention rough sex in our home.  The thrill of the moment the taboo got ahold of me.  I ripped off my lover’s condom and just told him to cum deep inside me.  I loved the feel of his bare cock thrusting in and out of me.   It hurt as he stretched me wide open, bent my legs over my head and held my arms down as he bottomed out sticking his foot long cock as deep as he could.

He suddenly put his had over my mouth.  I had been screaming with joy but didn’t realize how loud I was.  I begged my lover to cum deep inside me.  I told him I wanted his baby  He thrust harder and dumped a huge load inside me.  It felt warm and I felt fulfilled.  There has never been a more liberating moment in my life.

We didn’t stop there.  We made love all over my house like two lovers marking their territory.  I felt so alive!

So my advice to all you wives and couples out there is that if you and your spouse are slugging along and are under 60, don’t let your sex life die now.  Adjust yourself, change your attitude and let your mind be free.  Absorb it all in .  You’ll be glad you did.






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  1. Good advise. Brings back memories of 1st time wife “entertained” her Black Lover at our house.

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