The Penthouse View

I cannot tell a lie. One of my favorite things about being a Dreamgirl is visiting all the fantastic places in the world and sharing them with you. Sometimes they are trips to another continent, sometimes they are trips within the same state, and sometimes they are trips around the corner. I have a fantastic girlfriend who helps to take my photos and I must say that she has one of my favorite jobs that I would never have thought of. She is a real estate photographer and has access to some incredible places most people don’t normally get to go. Recently I flew to visit her and she took me to the Penthouse of an apartment building with million dollar views to take some photos. I was in shock!

Well I’m not sure which you’d rather look at, the views or me. If you aren’t sure which you prefer, take a look and tell me which view you’d never get tired of looking at. Remember, a picture is with a thousand words, but at least I look good in daytime and night! Come in and let me know if you want to put in a bid. CLICK HERE!

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