The Mirror Doesn’t Lie


I am always getting requests for different kinds of scenes or pictorials. I must say some of you have quite an imagination. I can’t always do everything, but I sure try my best. Of course I am able to prioritize sometimes for those who provide a little gift or incentive. Well a magazine offered me quite a sum of money to see my pink. They claim that I don’t show it enough in my shoots. The money was quite good so I took it. In order to take those photos and be chosen though, I had to take a bunch of photos so I did a test shoot. I think the photos came out quite nicely, so here are the other photos used to help them make them choose! I has asked them what they were looking for in a pussy, but they said they’d just like to see it first before commenting. Maybe you can tell me what you think.

The last photo in the photoshoot is the one I submitted. I can’t believe what they told me was the clincher. The words they used to describe my pussy actually made me laugh. Come inside and take a look and let me know if you think the same. CLICK HERE!