My 9th Anniversary

rebecca-9th-anniversary-02Yes, this is it. Something I never imagined I’d be saying. This is my 9 year anniversary on Dreamnet. It has been everything I wanted and more being here for all of you. Before Dreamnet I rarely walked around barely dressed but now I love the opportunity to strut my stuff both indoors and outdoors. Once again I owe all of this to all my fans who have supported me and give special thanks to my husband and girlfriend/photographer who help support me week after week. I can’t imagine what these last nine years would have been like without the Dreamnet community. This includes all the other girls past and present who have shared this wonderful experience with me.

Please CLICK HERE and join me for this week’s celebration of my 9th anniversary here on Dreamnet. Once again I have to thank Rob, Lee, and the other Dreamnet personnel who help me come to you repeatedly week after week. In fact, did you know that this is my 468th consecutive week with an update? Amazing isn’t it? And for those of you who have been with me all the way, I love you. Come in and celebrate with me! I promise to give you a pictorial worthy of Olympic Gold.


How to Spot a Cougar on the Prowl

Summer in the sun is always a great time for me. I can go to the beach, the pool, the water park, etc. and my senses are heightened. My radar is always in tune looking for that gorgeous body. The rock hard abs, the bronzed skin, and gorgeous chiseled chest. You think I’m joking? I always have those sunglasses on so my eyes can take you in and I can stare at you without being caught. How do you know when a cougar is on the prowl? Looks for the spots on our panties. You’re never safe. We are always casing out our prey. We hide in the shadows and jump when you least expect it.

So you think you are safe at the beach? We’re watching. We know who you are and we know where to find you. The next time you are out there in your swimsuit, suck in that gut, puff out that chest, and apply that sunscreen so you don’t get burned. Flash that sign that you are available to be stalked. Then look for us. Cougars are everywhere. We might be hiding out of sight, but we are marking our territory. Come in and see how we do it. CLICK HERE!

50 Shades of Rebecca

Made in the Shade

We are having heat waves all throughout the United States this summer. It is just unbearably hot. So there is nothing better than following me. We can beat the heat together. In fact I prefer to stay out of the harsh direct sunlight. I would much rather hide in the shade and not get burned and dehydrated out there. What have you been doing to beat the heat? I am so excited this week to show you not only the flora of my garden, but also a little bit of my flower between my legs. I don’t know if I can help cool you like an ice cold drink or air conditioning, but if you can bear with me, I promise to keep you cool.

This summer share some time with me in the shade. If the shadows are really good, perhaps we can play together and provide natural air conditioning. They say that Fifty Shades is the hottest novel out there. Perhaps you and I can keep it cool. I promise if you come in and take a look around that you’ll at least feel refreshed. So come on in and take a cool and refreshing sip of life. CLICK HERE!

Ms. Independence

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is about independence. Well, for me it is about my independence. As many of you know, I am an independent woman who is allowed to pursue her interests. For me that means exploring my wildest fantasies and not remaining satisfied with what lives within the four walls of my own home. I love getting out, sowing my oats and experiencing what it feels like to be wild and free. It makes me wonder what I would have become if I had taken a different path in life. Well, let just say this National Holiday makes me want to celebrate. So let me show you how I show my independence. Many have been asking if I am a kept woman. Well hell no! I take that as an insult. In fact this week, let me show you how wild I can get.

Tonight I am going to show you that I am not a kept woman and of course I have to bring in a friend who is my ultimate symbol of independence to help demonstrate. Actually he is more or an acquaintance. When I let loose, I find the first man I can get, seduce him, bring him back to my place and exercise my freedom. My freedom to sleep with any man I choose. Cum in and see what I do to celebrate the great opportunity this country gave us!

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