My 9th Anniversary

rebecca-9th-anniversary-02Yes, this is it. Something I never imagined I’d be saying. This is my 9 year anniversary on Dreamnet. It has been everything I wanted and more being here for all of you. Before Dreamnet I rarely walked around barely dressed but now I love the opportunity to strut my stuff both indoors and outdoors. Once again I owe all of this to all my fans who have supported me and give special thanks to my husband and girlfriend/photographer who help support me week after week. I can’t imagine what these last nine years would have been like without the Dreamnet community. This includes all the other girls past and present who have shared this wonderful experience with me.

Please CLICK HERE and join me for this week’s celebration of my 9th anniversary here on Dreamnet. Once again I have to thank Rob, Lee, and the other Dreamnet personnel who help me come to you repeatedly week after week. In fact, did you know that this is my 468th consecutive week with an update? Amazing isn’t it? And for those of you who have been with me all the way, I love you. Come in and celebrate with me! I promise to give you a pictorial worthy of Olympic Gold.


4 thoughts on “My 9th Anniversary

  1. Looks like a beautiful day there and you certainly are better watching than the olympics. Around 5 years or so we have been following your adventures which actually inspired my wife start our own 1 year ago. It’s been wild as surely you can attest to but overall it has been very liberating. We`re not big girl on girl fans but black men are definitely our thing and if it’s possible, a black man and some bondage would be out of this world.
    Thanks again, you are the best!

  2. I’ve been following you for almost all of your 9 years. I think your award for 10 years probably will be a golden dildo.
    During the time I’ve enjoyed your activities I have moved about 1500 miles closer to you. Still have a way to go to get all the way there.
    Your best work has been with DFW Knight.
    As for the future, I’d like to see you take a vacation with one of your lovers (or a series of vacations with them). Take along your husband or girlfriend to document your adventures and possibly to join in. Keep up the good work.

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