The Small Town Slut

I am a small town girl and always have demanded attention. One fantasy of my mines has always been to be not only the head honcho of a small town, but also to be the town floozy. It was like the days of the wild west when the girl in the saloon served beers to all the men, got them drunk, slept with the men, and then stole all of their gold from their pockets while they lay naked on the bed after a romp in the hay. Oh the power I’d wield! Who says a girl needs a six-shooter to create law and order. This sounds terrible doesn’t it? Well I’ve always clamored for the attention and being a good girl sometimes puts me behind the eight ball. I want to get things that the bad girls seem to always get.

Hey bartender, do you think that this town is big enough for the two of us? Well maybe I challenge you to a dual. You don’t think a little lady like myself could run this town do you? Well sometimes a good girl gone bad has more power than you think. You don’t believe me? Then come inside and I’ll show you that I can be real bad. In fact, I’m going to prove it to everyone. Come on pardner, saddle up and let me show you around. CLICK HERE

Rebecca’s Secret Hideaway….it’s a secret

Secret Hideaway

Have I waited this long to tell you about my secret
hideaway? Yep. It is a peaceful place I run off to when I want to get away from
everything in my home. Some of you have your “Man Cave”. Well I have my “Nest”
at the top of my house where I surround myself with fantasy. I figured it would
be time to show all of you where I go to get away from it all. I also have some
great memories here. It is my room of memories from all the great trips in my
life. I bet if you look closely, you can find some pretty interesting artifacts.
So come on up to the top of my world. Study close as there will be a quiz at the
end of this pictorial! : )

Some people say I shouldn’t be alone in this
room. Well I beg to differ. That is why I am inviting all o you up to my special
room. I think you’ll find that it offers some very interesting opportunities. I
personally think that there are some great things you and I could do here. BTW,
you won’t believe it, but I have never ever had sex in this room. I swear that I
never have. Well, maybe when you take a look, you can give me a sense of where I
should do it. So come on up, come on in, and let’s have a party. CLICK HERE

Rebecca’s First Fashion Shoot

So I was out taking some photos at a photo shoot when one of the other photographers asked if I wouldn’t mind if I took a few high end fashion photos for him. I was pretty flattered given that there were about 30 other models around and many were younger. I thought you might enjoy these high-res photos. The photographer was a total pro. He had all the equipment and the photos came out beautifully. I do admit that it is a turn on hearing these professional photographers call me “babe” and “sweetheart”. It turns out this guy used to be a Penthouse photographer. You get me poolside, in the barn, and in the garden. This shoot is for the true connoisseur of great imagery.

These are some of the best photos ever taken of me. I hope you really like them. These photos were taken by a professional photographer for his portfolio. I’m not sure where they will end up in print, but my understanding is that he was going to show these to a few large retail brands. Hopefully this means you will not be throwing away your catalogs without flipping through the pages. You never know where I might end up. Come inside and check out my photos. You might someday tell people you knew me way before I became famous. LOL CLICK HERE!

My first professional fashion shoot

Seduced and Bred Part 2

Over the years I’ve had many encounters, but this one doesn’t fail. It is truly what makes me love what I do. These aren’t over-produced professional videos, but raw amateur cuts in which you see and hear my real emotion in a natural setting. There is no acting here. There are no fluffers or wardrobe mistresses. This is the real thing.

When we left off last week, my lover was loaning me out to his younger brother who was in town before his wedding. So nice of him to give him a night with me. Can we just say this? I’m is a screamer. Better shut the windows or I’ll wake the neighbors. Think this kid will be needing a bachelor party. I gave him a nice sendoff into married life. The question is did I ruin the marriage before it ever happens. Watch me take a load in all 3 holes. Listen to me squeal as he takes me anal doggy and then pounds my sopping wet pussy. Finally I do what I love best, deep throat and swallow his huge load down my throat. Amazing good stuff!!

Click here to see it all!

Video – A MILF Seduced and Bred

Many of you tell me that you love the natural amateur production of my “movies”. I wouldn’t call them movies, since I don’t use any special cameras or lighting. Personally I just can’t have sex unless the situation is truly a natural one. This video is no different.My lover and I took his younger brother out for dinner. He was in town visiting and told us he was getting married and we celebrated the night away. Somewhere along the way my lover asked his brother if he’d ever been with a white woman. He said, “No” and then somehow I was convinced or volunteered to be his first if not his last white lover. Of course I took my duty with seriousness as we went back to his hotel room. You can tell I was a little drunk as I knock over his drink and then don’t even bother with a condom. I don’t even remember the whole evening. But fortunately my lover captured all of this on video. As you can see, I really enjoyed it as he dumps his first load deep inside my womb. Click here to view