Seduced and Bred Part 2

Over the years I’ve had many encounters, but this one doesn’t fail. It is truly what makes me love what I do. These aren’t over-produced professional videos, but raw amateur cuts in which you see and hear my real emotion in a natural setting. There is no acting here. There are no fluffers or wardrobe mistresses. This is the real thing.

When we left off last week, my lover was loaning me out to his younger brother who was in town before his wedding. So nice of him to give him a night with me. Can we just say this? I’m is a screamer. Better shut the windows or I’ll wake the neighbors. Think this kid will be needing a bachelor party. I gave him a nice sendoff into married life. The question is did I ruin the marriage before it ever happens. Watch me take a load in all 3 holes. Listen to me squeal as he takes me anal doggy and then pounds my sopping wet pussy. Finally I do what I love best, deep throat and swallow his huge load down my throat. Amazing good stuff!!

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