Rebecca is Mistaken as a Callgirl

So he came up to me and said, “Incall or Outcall?” I looked at him and wondered what he was talking about. Since I was at a hotel restaurant bar I assumed he was asking if I preferred to eat in or take out. Well I later found out that is sort of what he meant! I just didn’t know that the main course he wanted was me. That was 9 years ago and I was so innocent. The guy was picking me up thinking that I was a high class call girl. In a way it was flattering. I had no idea that I was giving out that vibe. It is amazing the language of this industry. Do you know these terms? If you don’t, let me teach you what I’ve learned. Now get out that pen and paper.

So you think you want to be in porn? Well you would be amazed at the glossary of terms I’ve learned. Yep, they don’t teach you these words in graduate school. The only way to really learn these words is by actually executing them. I think it is kind of funny. I never would have imagined using these terms. Well come on and let’s talk SEX! CLICK HERE!

Please Help! Halloween Costume Vote for Rebecca!

HELP!  I need your advice on which costume I should get!  Every year I solicit you all for your thoughts on costumes for Halloween.  Please vote by October 5.  Here are your options:

Easy Rider


Fantasy Football

Mile High Mistress

Working Late


Get wet with Rebecca

I was recently laying spread eagle on the bed after an afternoon romp with one of my young lovers at a nearby hotel. These young bucks always surprise me with their stamina and just aerobicly challenging sex drive. They also surprise me with the new habits and norms of young people today. After we were done, he asked if he could just take a photo with his iPhone and take a few photos of me. I was shocked and said no. Then he showed me some photos of other naked chicks he’s slept with. I couldn’t believe this guy is walking around with tons of naked photos on his iPhone! Well I gave him my little camera and told him he could click away, but I was going to shower off! He could join me if he wanted, or just take photos.

I told him to hurry as his fluids were dripping down my leg and I also needed to take a shower before I got home. I didn’t want to see my husband and let him know that I had been just playing around. Do you let your lovers take photos of you during sex? How about videos? Well I guess that is what the “kids” are doing these days. Well if you want to take photos of me after sex….Snap away. I’m no old maid! Click AWAY!

Sexy Wife Home Alone

I’m Waiting for you

Come on, you know you have that fantasy.  We all do.  The neighbor’s wife is all alone at home after her husband has just left for work and she’s bored with her little old life and looking for excitement.  The same goes for us stay at home women.  For those of us who work at home, we wonder about some tall dark and handsome coming over to play and show us how desired we are and to make us feel sexy and wanted.  We sit around in our cute little dresses waiting alone for you.  Are you going to come and rescue us from our boring day?  Ring the doorbell and say the secret password.  Hopefully none of the nosey neighbors will see you coming in!

There is nothing hornier than a woman alone at home while the rest of her family is out.  We want to be taken away from all this madness.  Even if it is just a few hours of pure ecstasy, we want to be swooped off our feet right onto our backs on the bed. So the next time you see a husband leave his wife behind at home, go knock on the door.  You know what she wants. She’ll be expecting you.  Don’t disappoint.   CLICK HERE

Rebecca’s Double Feature Video Update

You want it? You got it! Sometimes we you get a little, and sometimes you get a lot. Kind of the theme of my two video update offerings for you: “Midnight Madness” and “Confessions of a Cougar Tutor”.

Midnight Hour:
I am often asked what makes sex for me most special. Is it the size, the length, the girth, or something else? For me it is the emotional transformation that takes place between 2 people who just let go enough to do what feels so right.

For me that is usually the second round of sex in an evening. In this unedited clip you find my lover and I after we had just finished a marathon session of sex. Usually as soon as my lover and I see each other, we jump all over each other, rip off each other’s clothes and can’t keep our hands off each other. The sex is animalistic, yet we still have our emotions and guard still up. Then we shower off all the sweat, re-apply the make-up, fix the sheets, etc.

Now that we are half asleep, this is where the fun comes for me. Usually my husband and I would roll over and fall asleep. The difference is that my lovers can go all night long with several pops. It is also where I usually forget to have them wear a condom. I’m not sure if that is a subconscious thing as I do love how they shoot deep inside me. It just feels so good and real to have them fill me up. It just isn’t sex when I have plastic wrapped around their cocks. When this happens I am half asleep and I just go with what feels good, looking deep inside my lover’s eyes as he empties himself deep inside me. It really is special. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

NOTE: I have left this video unedited. This means you see a few minutes of nothing in the beginning and in the end you hear us chatting and giggling. My videos are not staged. You are seeing two people really making love. You even see me checking the clock to make sure I leave enough time early in the morning to get home. On this particular evening I needed to get home early in the morning to host a fun gathering at my house.

Confessions of a Cougar Tutor
If you are a cougar like me, you always have to be on the lookout for fresh meat! In this scene you see me providing service in exchange for a little school work help.

For me the easiest way to look for hot young studs is not at a bar, or at work, or at parties. The best place is to go back to school. Many of the young co-eds have their own rooms. The dorms are really small, but the privacy level is very high. It makes it easy for a gal like me to find young hot men looking for a good study break. I wish I could give these boys a grade. I’d give them an A+. Come in and see if you think you’d get a passing grade from me. It’s study break time! CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Perks of the Alternative Lifestyle

One of the things I enjoy about the lifestyle I’ve chosen is that I do things today that I otherwise would not have tried.  I think that before Dreamnet came along, I was headed in another direction.  now that I look at where I am, I see that I get to see and/or experience many things that I would not have seen otherwise.

I might not always agree with these opportunities that I have, but I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to check it out anyway.

Last week I went to a pool party which was pretty crazy.  Not that I wouldn’t have normally gone to a party like this, but for those who really know me, I’m not a big crowd person.  I also don’t like it when people get too sloppy that they don’t know what they are doing or remember what they did.  Anyway, I thought I’d share this clip my boyfriend took from the hotel room when he and our friend Heather went upstairs to get us more sunscreen. 

I’m glad I wasn’t caught dancing.  I have 2 left feet!