Rebecca’s Double Feature Video Update

You want it? You got it! Sometimes we you get a little, and sometimes you get a lot. Kind of the theme of my two video update offerings for you: “Midnight Madness” and “Confessions of a Cougar Tutor”.

Midnight Hour:
I am often asked what makes sex for me most special. Is it the size, the length, the girth, or something else? For me it is the emotional transformation that takes place between 2 people who just let go enough to do what feels so right.

For me that is usually the second round of sex in an evening. In this unedited clip you find my lover and I after we had just finished a marathon session of sex. Usually as soon as my lover and I see each other, we jump all over each other, rip off each other’s clothes and can’t keep our hands off each other. The sex is animalistic, yet we still have our emotions and guard still up. Then we shower off all the sweat, re-apply the make-up, fix the sheets, etc.

Now that we are half asleep, this is where the fun comes for me. Usually my husband and I would roll over and fall asleep. The difference is that my lovers can go all night long with several pops. It is also where I usually forget to have them wear a condom. I’m not sure if that is a subconscious thing as I do love how they shoot deep inside me. It just feels so good and real to have them fill me up. It just isn’t sex when I have plastic wrapped around their cocks. When this happens I am half asleep and I just go with what feels good, looking deep inside my lover’s eyes as he empties himself deep inside me. It really is special. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

NOTE: I have left this video unedited. This means you see a few minutes of nothing in the beginning and in the end you hear us chatting and giggling. My videos are not staged. You are seeing two people really making love. You even see me checking the clock to make sure I leave enough time early in the morning to get home. On this particular evening I needed to get home early in the morning to host a fun gathering at my house.

Confessions of a Cougar Tutor
If you are a cougar like me, you always have to be on the lookout for fresh meat! In this scene you see me providing service in exchange for a little school work help.

For me the easiest way to look for hot young studs is not at a bar, or at work, or at parties. The best place is to go back to school. Many of the young co-eds have their own rooms. The dorms are really small, but the privacy level is very high. It makes it easy for a gal like me to find young hot men looking for a good study break. I wish I could give these boys a grade. I’d give them an A+. Come in and see if you think you’d get a passing grade from me. It’s study break time! CLICK HERE TO WATCH