Sexy Wife Home Alone

I’m Waiting for you

Come on, you know you have that fantasy.  We all do.  The neighbor’s wife is all alone at home after her husband has just left for work and she’s bored with her little old life and looking for excitement.  The same goes for us stay at home women.  For those of us who work at home, we wonder about some tall dark and handsome coming over to play and show us how desired we are and to make us feel sexy and wanted.  We sit around in our cute little dresses waiting alone for you.  Are you going to come and rescue us from our boring day?  Ring the doorbell and say the secret password.  Hopefully none of the nosey neighbors will see you coming in!

There is nothing hornier than a woman alone at home while the rest of her family is out.  We want to be taken away from all this madness.  Even if it is just a few hours of pure ecstasy, we want to be swooped off our feet right onto our backs on the bed. So the next time you see a husband leave his wife behind at home, go knock on the door.  You know what she wants. She’ll be expecting you.  Don’t disappoint.   CLICK HERE

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  1. So what’s the deal? On an earlier video you tagged it with “impregnated”, are you pregnant now or was that just a tag you threw around?

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