Get wet with Rebecca

I was recently laying spread eagle on the bed after an afternoon romp with one of my young lovers at a nearby hotel. These young bucks always surprise me with their stamina and just aerobicly challenging sex drive. They also surprise me with the new habits and norms of young people today. After we were done, he asked if he could just take a photo with his iPhone and take a few photos of me. I was shocked and said no. Then he showed me some photos of other naked chicks he’s slept with. I couldn’t believe this guy is walking around with tons of naked photos on his iPhone! Well I gave him my little camera and told him he could click away, but I was going to shower off! He could join me if he wanted, or just take photos.

I told him to hurry as his fluids were dripping down my leg and I also needed to take a shower before I got home. I didn’t want to see my husband and let him know that I had been just playing around. Do you let your lovers take photos of you during sex? How about videos? Well I guess that is what the “kids” are doing these days. Well if you want to take photos of me after sex….Snap away. I’m no old maid! Click AWAY!

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