Anyone seen my Prince Charming?

Seen My Prince Charming?

Seen My Prince Charming?

Sometimes life can be a fairy tale. And in fairy tales there is always the sweet innocent princess hoping that her Prince Charming will come along on his white stallion and save her from a fate worse than death. Well thi year for Halloween I dress up as a princess although I am anything bus sweet and innocent. Who is your favorite fictional princess? If I am not dressed as your favorite princess, perhaps I can convince you otherwise. I have to admit, something magical came over me when I put this costume on. I just wanted to live out my fantasies. Sorry if I don’t stick with the basic story, my body couldn’t resist.

Trick or Treat! Once again, I have to thank another member (yes, another Bill, Bill M.) for his generous donation of this excellent costume. I love costumes like this. It makes me want to live my own fairy tale. I sure hope I became your fantasy girl in this outfit. Would you like me to be your fantasy girl and dress me up? Send me an email and let me know what you’d like to see me wear. Come on in and see if this time, the princess gets her wish. You know what they say…if the shoe fits….


Are you a hard worker? Then let’s talk!

Do you work hard? Do you work long hours? I’m from a truly blue collar family so my work ethic always shows although I live in the white collar service world. I’m normally one of the first people in the office and always work after the bell has rung. My parents always told me that the world is full of smart people, but that it is full of lazy people too, so if I wanted to get ahead, I’d outwork them. Well, whenever I see hard work I like to reward those who work for me and go the extra mile. I like to think that when they work late or overtime, that I can give them a little bit of a reward. I think you’ll enjoy working for me when you see what I give!

Are you a hard worker? Do you work long hours? I want to thank my friend Bill for this wonderful outfit. I can’t wait to reward my employees who work so long and late for me. This little number feels so sexy! Do you want a little overtime bonus? Well come on in and get your reward!

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Fast Car & a Faster Woman – Video

Do you like it in a car?

Do you like sex in a car? That’s a dangerous thing. Well I like to live dangerously! I’m only kidding. I could never have sex in a moving car! Now if the car is parked, that is a different thing.

My lover called me to meet me at his place as he was staying home from work to watch the landscapers work on his new home while his wife was out at work. I’m a bad girl, but I always wanted to sleep with a married man in his own marital bed and show him what it would be like to take me in his bed instead of his wife.

Well, my plans were screwed up as the gardeners were all over the place and we did not want to get caught. I quickly pulled into his garage when nobody was looking. He told me we’d need to do it in the garage instead of the bedroom as the room looked out over the pool in his backyard and they were putting in new shrubs. We decided to do it in the back of my SUV. You know what they say, “if this car’s a rocking, Rebecca is getting knocked up”…or something like that. This is some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. You can even hear the gardener mowing the lawn and then honking his horn looking for my lover! Do we get caught? You’ll have to check it out!

Rip it off Rebecca

Sometimes I am called a fashion queen by my friends. Well I got this new panties and top set from one of my young studs and I’m not sure what era of fashion it comes from. Some might say it goes with the breakdance craze of the early ‘80s when everyone wore ripped t-shirts and pants. Some might say it belongs to the hip hop craze of the 2000s. Personally it looks like my pets took their claws to them and slashed them with their claws. Me? I would just say this set is excellent ventilation for when I go out dancing at the clubs. That is what one of my boyfriends asked that I wear to a party, so I put these on under an overcoat and headed out.

I was about to go out to the clubs with my boyfriends dressed like this when my husband told me that he thought I should wear something that covered a little more of me. He’s such an old fart. That is why I love my young lovers. They treat me like a sex goddess and help me to express myself. This is what all the girls wear to the clubs and I love it when my young gentlemen dress me to impress. Does this set inspire you? Send me an email to to tell me what you need from me. Want to come along and go dancing? Come inside my club and CLICK HERE!

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Rebecca Pimped Out

I got this video sent to me the other day. I forgot it even existed because it was taken by a friend of my husband who lives over 2500 miles away.

Sometimes you have to bail your husband out of a jam. He had lost a bet to a buddy after bragging about how good I was at giving blow jobs. I hate it when my husband bets and loses. Well it isn’t like I don’t mind good sex with a big cock. So when my husband asked if I wouldn’t mind helping him pay off a friendly wager, I gladly accepted. Maybe it would teach my husband a lesson.

Bill is a huge guy and had never been with a Caucasian woman before. I thought I’d make sure to give him the experience of a lifetime. Whatever Bill wanted, he was going to get. Bill asked me if he could videotape our time together and I told him it was okay. We met in a trashy part of town and he told me that wanted to role play me as a prostitute. So we went to a cheap motel, got a room and had a wonderful time together. He was so naughty, spanking me, putting his thumb up my ass, and calling me a cheap whore.

I had forgotten about this tape until it arrived with a note: “Rebecca, found this old video and made a copy of our great time. Ask your husband if he wants to bet with me again. – Bill”. I sure hope they bet again so I can spend more time with Bill again. CLICK HERE to WATCH

The Mirrored Bed

Are you a voyeur or an exhibitionist? I’m a bit of both. I know it is the fantasy of most people to watch themselves having sex. I really get off at looking at myself. It is part of the reason why I take my sexcapades with all my lovers. It gets me so hot! There is nothing like looking up and seeing yourself under a gorgeous man with your legs spread around his body. I always wanted to have sex under a ceiling mirror and my husband finally got one installed. Well it was either a ceiling mirror or a stripper pole in the kitchen. Did I have a choice? Well the one thing that scares me is the thought of that mirror crashing down on me. Fortunately my hubby did a good job of installing this mirror. Too bad he’ll never get to see us using it together. LOL! But you sure will!

This mirror is going to be fun. Have you ever watched yourself having sex in front of a mirror? How about in front of a camera? I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, so I’m glad to have so many voyeurs who like to watch. I sure hope I don’t squirt and then I’ll have to Windex that mirror clean! Want to come in and try it out. Well if you do, come on in . Just remember, I get to be on the bottom so I can look up and watch us. CLICK HERE to come on in!