Rebecca Pimped Out

I got this video sent to me the other day. I forgot it even existed because it was taken by a friend of my husband who lives over 2500 miles away.

Sometimes you have to bail your husband out of a jam. He had lost a bet to a buddy after bragging about how good I was at giving blow jobs. I hate it when my husband bets and loses. Well it isn’t like I don’t mind good sex with a big cock. So when my husband asked if I wouldn’t mind helping him pay off a friendly wager, I gladly accepted. Maybe it would teach my husband a lesson.

Bill is a huge guy and had never been with a Caucasian woman before. I thought I’d make sure to give him the experience of a lifetime. Whatever Bill wanted, he was going to get. Bill asked me if he could videotape our time together and I told him it was okay. We met in a trashy part of town and he told me that wanted to role play me as a prostitute. So we went to a cheap motel, got a room and had a wonderful time together. He was so naughty, spanking me, putting his thumb up my ass, and calling me a cheap whore.

I had forgotten about this tape until it arrived with a note: “Rebecca, found this old video and made a copy of our great time. Ask your husband if he wants to bet with me again. – Bill”. I sure hope they bet again so I can spend more time with Bill again. CLICK HERE to WATCH