Rip it off Rebecca

Sometimes I am called a fashion queen by my friends. Well I got this new panties and top set from one of my young studs and I’m not sure what era of fashion it comes from. Some might say it goes with the breakdance craze of the early ‘80s when everyone wore ripped t-shirts and pants. Some might say it belongs to the hip hop craze of the 2000s. Personally it looks like my pets took their claws to them and slashed them with their claws. Me? I would just say this set is excellent ventilation for when I go out dancing at the clubs. That is what one of my boyfriends asked that I wear to a party, so I put these on under an overcoat and headed out.

I was about to go out to the clubs with my boyfriends dressed like this when my husband told me that he thought I should wear something that covered a little more of me. He’s such an old fart. That is why I love my young lovers. They treat me like a sex goddess and help me to express myself. This is what all the girls wear to the clubs and I love it when my young gentlemen dress me to impress. Does this set inspire you? Send me an email to to tell me what you need from me. Want to come along and go dancing? Come inside my club and CLICK HERE!

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