Fast Car & a Faster Woman – Video

Do you like it in a car?

Do you like sex in a car? That’s a dangerous thing. Well I like to live dangerously! I’m only kidding. I could never have sex in a moving car! Now if the car is parked, that is a different thing.

My lover called me to meet me at his place as he was staying home from work to watch the landscapers work on his new home while his wife was out at work. I’m a bad girl, but I always wanted to sleep with a married man in his own marital bed and show him what it would be like to take me in his bed instead of his wife.

Well, my plans were screwed up as the gardeners were all over the place and we did not want to get caught. I quickly pulled into his garage when nobody was looking. He told me we’d need to do it in the garage instead of the bedroom as the room looked out over the pool in his backyard and they were putting in new shrubs. We decided to do it in the back of my SUV. You know what they say, “if this car’s a rocking, Rebecca is getting knocked up”…or something like that. This is some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. You can even hear the gardener mowing the lawn and then honking his horn looking for my lover! Do we get caught? You’ll have to check it out!