Are you a hard worker? Then let’s talk!

Do you work hard? Do you work long hours? I’m from a truly blue collar family so my work ethic always shows although I live in the white collar service world. I’m normally one of the first people in the office and always work after the bell has rung. My parents always told me that the world is full of smart people, but that it is full of lazy people too, so if I wanted to get ahead, I’d outwork them. Well, whenever I see hard work I like to reward those who work for me and go the extra mile. I like to think that when they work late or overtime, that I can give them a little bit of a reward. I think you’ll enjoy working for me when you see what I give!

Are you a hard worker? Do you work long hours? I want to thank my friend Bill for this wonderful outfit. I can’t wait to reward my employees who work so long and late for me. This little number feels so sexy! Do you want a little overtime bonus? Well come on in and get your reward!

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