Anyone seen my Prince Charming?

Seen My Prince Charming?

Seen My Prince Charming?

Sometimes life can be a fairy tale. And in fairy tales there is always the sweet innocent princess hoping that her Prince Charming will come along on his white stallion and save her from a fate worse than death. Well thi year for Halloween I dress up as a princess although I am anything bus sweet and innocent. Who is your favorite fictional princess? If I am not dressed as your favorite princess, perhaps I can convince you otherwise. I have to admit, something magical came over me when I put this costume on. I just wanted to live out my fantasies. Sorry if I don’t stick with the basic story, my body couldn’t resist.

Trick or Treat! Once again, I have to thank another member (yes, another Bill, Bill M.) for his generous donation of this excellent costume. I love costumes like this. It makes me want to live my own fairy tale. I sure hope I became your fantasy girl in this outfit. Would you like me to be your fantasy girl and dress me up? Send me an email and let me know what you’d like to see me wear. Come on in and see if this time, the princess gets her wish. You know what they say…if the shoe fits….


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